The Evolution of Jenn-Air Cooktops

The Jenn-Air legacy began with a cooktop when Lou Jenn invented downdraft cooking by putting an exhaust fan in a cooktop. Today, Jenn-Air is a full line super premium major appliance brand, but continues its leadership in downdraft cooking and cooktops.

Jenn-Air Downdraft Induction Cooktop

Jenn-Air has recently launched an entirely new line of 5 individual cooking modules, and a separate optional downdraft vent. There is a 2 burner gas module, a single high powered gas module that also serves as a wok burner, an induction module, a concave induction wok module, and an optional independent downdraft vent.

These modules may be arrayed together in various combinations or combined with any of Jenn-Air’s full-sized gas or electric cooktops.

Array of individual cooking modules

L. Gas Wok Burner, C. Elect. Chrome Infused Griddle, R. 2-Burner Gas Module









Combination of cooktops and individual cooking modules

L. Gas Wok Burner Module, C. 36″ Gas 5-burner Cooktop, R. Elec. Chrome Infused Griddle Module

As you can see, this lineup can be configured as downdraft or updraft depending on each consumer’s needs or preferences. Designers love this setup because of the customization options and the ability to offer such a variety in a matching integrated look.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on photos. Arizona Wholesale has a separate exclusive showroom of Jenn-Air products at its Scottsdale location in the Scottsdale Design Center. Call today and make an appointment to see this stunning lineup of appliances.

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Room Barriers

Sometimes the blueprint of your space limits how the room flows. Studios, apartments, and homes can have a room designed for multiple purposes. Whether it is a dining room/kitchen or a dining/living room, you can be faced with architectural barriers. Creating a sense of division between these rooms can help with the flow of the layout. Here are five easy tricks to separating a room by creating your own kind of barriers.

  • Flooring
An easy way to make a distinct barrier between rooms is flooring. Decide what flooring is best for each room and choose different floorings with a transition for them. You may want a soft carpet in a living room, but a hardwood installed in your dining room to make spills easy to clean. Flooring is a very useful way to create a distinct separation in an open floor plan.

  • Half-Wall
A half wall is another practical solution, but you may have to check with your lease depending on where you are planning on installing it. Constructing a half wall is perfect for allowing the room to stay visually open but clearly separating two rooms. Building your own half wall also will enable you to customize how you want the rooms to be divided.

  • Bookshelf
An open bookshelf that you can access from either side is another great barrier. You can add your own touch by adding décor and display items on the shelves to enhance your space. Try to predetermine directional items and how you can best display them on the shelves.

  • Curtain or Folding Screens
Installing a curtain is a great way to add privacy between rooms. Some studios or other spaces may have your sleeping quarters exposed to the rest of the home. By merely adding a curtain, you can easily add privacy to your room as you please. Curtains can even be used in bathrooms to add privacy or closets. Folding screens are also a great, diverse option to consider adding to your home to add privacy.

  • Furniture Direction
This may be the most straightforward option but can easily be overlooked. Simply changing the direction of furniture can create barriers. Turning couches towards the television and using their backsides as a barrier is an easy way to separate rooms.
Creating separation in rooms is a great way to make sure your home has a sense of boundaries. Consider adding some of these options to your space if you are looking to separate your rooms. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at

Column Refrigerators, Freezers, and Wine Units

What are columns? Column refrigeration units are a generic category of refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage units that are commonly defined as single purpose, “integrated” appliances.

Single purpose = separate refrigerator, freezer, and wine storage.

Integrated = not only built-in, but also flush with cabinet panels as pictured below.

Wall of Integrated Columns

Integrated column refrigerators and freezers can blend right into the wall for a stunning look. They’re also very practical allowing users to select from various sizes for just the right mix between freezer and refrigerator space.

We’re going to break the rules here and cover some “wanna be” columns along with columns that fit the purist definition.

I did a quick check on the internet, and came up with 14 different brands of refrigeration products that fit our loose definition of columns. We’ll look at six brands, including two entry level brands: Whirlpool and Frigidaire Gallery, two luxury brands: Sub Zero and Monogram, and two super premium brands: Dacor and Jenn-Air.

Whirlpool Sidekicks

Whirlpool Sidekicks and Frigidaire Gallery are mainstream appliance brand versions of column refrigeration. These models are essentially freestanding all refrigerator and all freezer models that are sold as columns even though they are not built-ins. They have the column “look”, but lack the flush built-in capability. If you are interested in a budget solution, this is where you should begin. Both brands offer trim kits so that the separate units have a single grill over the top and bottom (see photo). The freezers are frost-free. Whirlpool offers an optional ice-maker for their freezer. The Frigidaire unit comes with the ice-maker already installed.

Sub Zero and Monogram refrigerators are luxury brands and each have a full selection of column refrigerator models, some with combined refrigerator and freezer in a single column (technically, does not fit the definition of a column). Lot’s of choices here in sizes and models including wine storage.

Sub Zero Columns

Dacor and Jenn-Air are new to this category. Dacor is now a subsidiary of Samsung, and has introduced an entire collection of new premium products called “the Modernist Collection” including these column refrigerators featuring porcelain interiors. Jenn-Air’s new column refrigerators are scheduled to begin shipping this fall. They’ll be built in the legendary refrigerator factory in Amana, Iowa.

Dacor Porcelain Interior Columns

Click on the AWS Houzz link below for more images of column refrigeration:


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Ideas to Dress up Your Hallways

In a lot of homes, hallways are just a connection to other rooms, and homeowners often overlook their decorative potential. With hallways often being narrow and short, homeowners may throw up a picture or two and call it a day, but we believe hallways can be so much more.

7 Ideas to Dress Up Your Hallways

1. Blended

When working with the design in your hallway, you want to be sure that it continues the current design onto the next room. Your hall can be a subtle preview of what guests should expect when they enter your home’s next room. The design flow should never stop in the hallway because that tends to make the transition feel awkward. Instead, you want to make sure that each room blends well into the hall and leaves seamless transitions. 

2. The Main Event

Just like in any other room, you will want to create a “focal point” that becomes the center of attention in the hallway. This item can be anywhere from a gorgeous light fixture to an extravagant mirror. It will depend on what you want to do with the space and what decor pieces you plan on incorporating. 

3. A Perfect Runway

As flooring experts, we understand that no room is complete without the perfect touch of flooring. For hallways, we recommend purchasing a “runner” for the floor. This simple addition can instantly make your hardwood floors feel more cozy and chic.

4. Chic Shelving

In hallways, you want to keep the decor light and simple. Since there is not a lot of space to work with, a simple, chic shelving piece can do just the trick.

5. The Gallery.

Gallery walls are a trendy, inexpensive way to decorate any room, but they work exceptionally well in hallways. When creating your hallway’s gallery wall, you want to be sure that you keep it simple. Depending on the size of your wall, you will most likely want to use fewer items than you would typically in another area of your home. Try and keep it simple and light to create a refreshing look.

6. Look Up

If you are looking for a creative way to make your hallway unique, you could try painting your ceiling a fun color. Once you have decided on a color, you can incorporate it into your hallway’s design. This will help tie together everything. 

7. Captivating Wallpaper

Graphic wallpaper is a current trend that we love. It is especially perfect for hallways because it will help bring them to life. We recommend trying to use vertical graphic patterns in your hallways. This will help make the room look more substantial than it actually is.  

For more expert advice and tips, be sure to check out our blog page at

Appliances as Family Communication Center

There is little doubt these days that in the U.S., our kitchens have become a family gathering place. U.S. homes have been designed with an open kitchen concept for many years. (In France a kitchen without a door is called an “American kitchen”). Entertaining and conversations always seem to generate outward from the kitchen. Meals are now consumed at a kitchen peninsula or island, and the kitchen is now referred to as the heart of the home. So, it’s only natural that appliance manufacturers would seek to leverage this trend with products that fit consumers habits of treating the kitchen as the heart of the home. 

Refrigerators have long been THE place to leave messages. Now, Samsung has introduced a refrigerator that they’ve dubbed as the Family Hub. Featuring a 21.5” digital screen, this fridge is loaded with high tech features inside and out. The screen not only has a white board for scribbling notes, it’s wi-fi connected so you can stream music from Pandora, listen to podcasts, and check your Google or Outlook calendar. There’s more, much more – you can even keep watching the game by streaming from your Samsung TV in the living room. Of course, this is the logical place to keep your shopping list. The Samsung Family Hub makes it easy – you don’t even have to open the door since there are 3 cameras inside the refrigerator. In fact, you can check the contents when you’re at the grocers using the Samsung app. To learn more about the new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, visit the Arizona Wholesale showroom in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tucson.

If you’d rather not use your refrigerator as a communications center, this fall GE is introducing their own kitchen hub placed over the range (it doubles as a vent hood).

Check back here for regular blogs about appliances, and as always call or visit Arizona Wholesale for the latest in major appliances, flooring, window treatments and more.

Flooring Quiz

You have a room in your house and you want to install new flooring but have no idea where to start.  We put together a simple quiz that will score your answers to decide what flooring is best for you. Let’s get started! 

Please Note: This quiz may be subjective and it is still recommended to check with your authorized retailer for the best solution for your room.

Flooring Quiz:

1. Where are you installing your floor? 

A.) Kitchen

B.) Bathroom/Laundry Room

C.) Bedroom

D.) Living Room

  • If you picked “A,” you will want to look at flooring that is easy to clean when accidental spills occur and one that provides an easy odor control.  Go with tile, LVP, or hardwood, but stray from carpet options. 
  • If you chose “B,” you will want a waterproof flooring option.  Most LVP’s and types of vinyl make great options as well as tiled floors.  Stay away from carpets and hardwoods because they will not respond well in wet environments. 
  • If you decide “C,” you will want something comfortable on your feet like a plush carpet, stylish LVPs or timeless hardwood.  Preferably stay away from cold surfaces like tile. 
  • If you went with “D,” it will be best to find comfortable and durable floors depending on traffic.  This will also be a good room to incorporate LVPs, hardwoods, and carpets.

2. What is the flooring you are installing over?

A.) Concrete

B.) Plywood

C.) Hardwood

D.) Sub-floor

Concrete and sub-floor are good options for carpet installations (glue down or padded), LVPs, and sheet vinyl with prep work, but not all hardwoods.  Engineered hardwood can be glued down or installed over floors but not solid hardwoods.  Plywood and hardwood are great subfloors for any of these options to be installed over top of them but it will take prep work for sheet vinyl.

3. What will the amount of traffic be inside the room?

A.) Light/None

B.) Moderate

C.) Heavy

D.) Extreme (Animals, Industrial, Etc.)

If you chose “A,” you will want you can choose any floor but also have the pleasure of having soft silk carpets. 

Option “B” is when you may need to start straying away from super soft, elegant carpets but you are not as limited as option “C.”

Going with “C” means you will need to go with commercial carpet if any and consider if tiles and softer hardwoods will become damaged. Luxury vinyl planking is a very durable flooring option to consider. 

When choosing the option “D,” we encourage you to have a conservation with your sales representative before making a purchase.  Let them know your current situation and what you are considering.  Carpet tiles, rubber flooring, LVP are a start to look at but not your only options.  Some commercial carpets can withstand this heavy amount of traffic. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. 

4. What is your room’s overall function?

A.) Entertainment

B.) Comfort and Relaxation

C.) Bathing

D.) Commercial

E.) Fitness

If your room is used for “A” or “B,” you should consider comfortable and homey solutions like carpets, whereas tile or waterproof flooring can be essential for water-prone areas like option “C.”  Commercial environments need to be treated as such.  Ask your sales representatives to show you commercial carpets and vinyl planking options. Fitness is best suited with rubber flooring but some replica wood and soft types of vinyl are perfect for studios for yoga.

5. What is the design you are trying to obtain?

A.) Elegant

B.) Homey

C.) Timeless

D.) Versatile

Nothing says elegant like tile floors.  This is a beautiful way to transform a room.   Carpet is a great way to give a room a homey and cozy feel.  Adding carpet in a room helps to create an inviting atmosphere to sit on the floor and watch movies.  Hardwood is a timeless flooring option that is a great design solution to add to your home.  Hardwood’s durability and look have survived the centuries because of how appealing and perfect this floor is.   Going with a Luxury Vinyl Planking is a way to find look-alike tile or hardwood replica without jeopardizing the benefits of durability and waterproofing.

It is still important to check with your sales representative to decide what flooring is best for you.  Different factors can play a role in what flooring option to choose.  Room size, location, environment, and prep work are all important to discuss prior to your investment. 

How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Pro

From vibrant, bold hues to jazzy patterns, throw pillows are a fabulous way to accent or spice up a bed or sofa. Whether you are decorating the couch in the living room or the bed in the master bedroom, putting together the right combination of throw pillows can be much harder than it looks. In fact, mixing patterns and colors can be considered an art. Here are some secrets for styling throw pillows like a professional:
  • Don’t Make This Mistake
Perhaps, the biggest mistake that homeowners make when selecting throw pillows is playing it too safe. The great thing about accent pillows is that they are typically used sparingly, which means that you have room to play around with pattern and color without overwhelming the space. As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa or bed is usually a neutral color. Using neutral colored throw pillows will create a whitewashed effect. Take a chance with your creativity and choose colorful or designed accent pillows for a beautiful look. 
  • Meshing Throw Pillows With Your Decor
Are you worried that a specific throw pillow will not work well with your room’s decor? Vibrant colors and patterns work well in any space as long as it harmonizes with something else in the room such as a piece of artwork, the rug, or even a chair. A throw pillow can look out of place in a space if it does not match well with anything in the room. Create a cohesive look by seeking inspiration from another element in the room.
  • The Secret to Mixing Patterns
The key to tastefully mixing patterns is finding a common link between the patterns. Different patterns can look great together when they use a similar color or tone. Solid colored throw pillows mesh well with both large and small scaled patterns. Mixing solid throw pillows with patterns creates a balanced yet playful look. Avoid mixing more than three different patterns together in one setting.
  • Where Should You Place Throw Pillows?
So where is the best spot for throw pillows? This largely depends on the set up of the sofa or the bed. Most designers will recommend placing throw pillows at the end or the corners of the seating area or bed. For a large couch or bed, you would want two throw pillows at both opposite ends. Leaving the midsection provides ample room for sitting or laying down.
For more expert advice, be sure to check back weekly! 

Samsung at PCBC 2018

Samsung has had a strong presence in the US appliance scene for quite some time. Their growth in the retail appliance segment has been impressive to say the least. However, when it comes to builder sales, GE and Whirlpool have dominated this business for decades due in large part to their strong national logistics supported by a network of local and regional independent appliance distributors (such as Arizona Wholesale).

Now, Samsung is on a quest to gain a meaningful share of the home builder appliance business in the U.S. They have assembled an experienced builder sales team, led by some former Whirlpool builder division executives, and Samsung has devoted considerable resources to develop the programs required to penetrate the US homebuilder market. If there is any doubt that Samsung is serious about builder sales, let’s look at their presence at last month’s PCBC 2018. 

Floor Space at PCBC 2018:

Samsung and their subsidiary Dacor = 4,000 sq.ft.

GE, GE Profile, Monogram, Haier + Whirlpool, KItchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana + Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau > Total ALL Brands = 4,000 sq. ft.

So Samsung and Dacor by themselves, had more floor space at the 2018 PCBC than most of the entire appliance industry combined. Seriously, if you’re a home builder you should at least ask yourself if Samsung products are right for your customers.

 Samsung has a strong appeal to Millennials, who are expected to make up 43% of all home purchasers by the end of this year. The new Chef Collection from Samsung is elegant and perfect for the technologically savvy Millenials. The lineup includes products that make sense to this cohort, such as Samsung’s Chef Collection Flex Duo Oven that comes with a smart divider that converts a single oven compartment into two compartments to cook food in one section at one temperature and food in the other section at at different temperature at the same time. Clever!

And of course, there’s the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator which is taking the industry by storm. This refrigerator is proof of the value of a connected appliance. With three cameras inside the refrigerator, if you’re in the grocery store, you no longer have to guess what you need to bring home.

In short, if you’re a builder, Samsung offers what your customer wants, and NOW Samsung has a comprehensive program to handle home builder requirements. With authorized service throughout the country, and a top notch distributor such as Arizona Wholesale, your service and logistic needs are covered. Call Arizona Wholesale today to find out how to get on board with Samsung Appliances.

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our hardwood floor maintenance tips! Previously, we discussed how to keep your floors clean and dry, and now we will discuss further measures you can take to ensure their continued beauty.

Wear and tear were touched on in Part One of the series, but its prevention cannot be understated. Making sure that you keep your floors looking like new, will not only keep your home looking clean and bright, but it will also be helpful if you are looking to sell your home in the future. It is a turnoff to homebuyers if they notice dingy floors that may need a costly refinishing and polishing. Keep them looking great by strategically placing runners throughout areas of your home that you know to be high traffic. When placing furniture in the room, consider padding the bottom of each piece to prevent scuffs and scratches in case of slight shifting over time. Area rugs can be supported by natural rubber pads beneath them. Be sure that they have open indentations to prevent moisture from locking into the pad. An example of this would be a waffle patterned style. If you like to rearrange your furniture on occasion, this is also a helpful way to prevent fading from natural sunlight that comes into the room. Be sure to properly lift items off of the floors instead of dragging them across it. Another great way to avoid wear and tear would be to not wear shoes that would damage its surface. 

For more heavy duty cleaning, avoid products that are vinegar or soap-based as this will dull the shine of your floors and possibly leave a residue. Use products that are specifically designed for hardwood floor cleaning only. Do not use an excessive amount in the area that you are cleaning. Apply the product and wipe promptly to avoid water damage. You should be able to use this cleaner with a microfiber mop, which will be gentle on your floors while you scrub the grime away! 

Thank you for joining us for our two-part series. Check back for more helpful daily home maintenance tips!

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part One

Hardwood floors are a classic feature found in many homes around the world. Their desirability adds value and style that all buyers and sellers are seeking. They so easily add warmth to any living space and allow for infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating. In order to keep your floors looking like new so you can enjoy them for years to come, we have provided a list of some daily maintenance tips. Let’s take a look! 

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part One

Your first line of defense with any flooring is keeping it as clean as possible every day. By not allowing the floors to become built up with dirt and debris, you will be saving yourself a lot of time overall. Use a microfiber broom to gently sweep away daily dirt particles that result from regular foot traffic. This will keep the floors from becoming scratched and looking prematurely worn. For areas that will be used with a frequency that may cause wear and tear in a shorter period of time, try placing mats in these spots. Not only will it be relaxing underfoot, it will keep that section of your flooring from having areas where the finish appears to be duller. If you need to vacuum the area, use only a product that is specifically designed for bare floors. Products not made for this purpose will most likely cause permanent damage to your floors. 

The next issue falls under prevention: keeping the floors dry.  Hardwood flooring can become warped and otherwise damaged if moisture were to linger in and around it. Upon installation, your best bet would be to have to floors professionally sealed. After that, when presented with a moisture issue, prompt drying is required to minimize any effects it may cause to the flooring. If possible, avoid having liquids that may cause staining from entering the area. Examples of this are wine, juice, oil and any messes that can be made by a beloved family pet. If it is not possible to prevent these items from making their way into the room, protective mats may be the most appropriate solution.

For additional hardwood floor maintenance tips, see part two of this series!