Statement Lighting in the Kitchen

Today’s kitchens almost always feature a kitchen island. The kitchen island can be used for prep, cooking and dining. It has become a must have design element in most new kitchens and kitchen remodels.  For this reason, kitchen island lighting has also become an important element in kitchen design today. Proper lighting is a must for all the ways we use our kitchen islands today.


Standard kitchen island lighting is often the pendant light.  You can also use recessed can lights to create pools of light on the island, but the distance to the ceiling means this type of lighting will not be as strong as pendant lighting.  Pendant lights can be hung in pairs or groups of three to cover the expanse of island countertop.


The range of pendant lights available on the market means you can find a pendant light that matches your style and personality.  Go with an interesting lighting option to make the kitchen feel uniquely yours. Take into consideration cabinet, flooring and counter top styles and colors when making your selection.  It is alright to deliberately mix up styles by adding a contemporary pendant light in a transitional kitchen or a more traditional pendant in a contemporary kitchen.


Lighting is a great way to make a statement in the kitchen.  No matter the kind of pendant lighting you choose for your island, be sure to put it on a dimmer switch so you can create a variety of moods for every task your island handles.

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