Black Accents in the Kitchen

An all black kitchen with black floors, black cabinets and black counters might be too gothic for the majority of people. Dramatic black can have a place in the kitchen as an accent color. Black appliances such as refrigerators and stoves are one of the most popular color choices behind stainless steel and white appliances.


If you love your white or stainless steel appliances and don’t want to switch, adding black accents in the kitchen can easily be done. A few black accents in a white kitchen can create a graphic contrast. Black accents can work in a number of different color cabinets and floors as well as both stainless steel and white appliances.


This kitchen is a great example of various black accents being used in a transitional style décor. Black tiles pop in the black and white backsplash above the stove. The black tiles tie in with the black accents on the stove.  Black drawer pulls add a black accent onto the drawers of the kitchen island.


The counter stool stands out against the warm wood cabinets and floor with its black color. Black wood stools are a great choice in the kitchen because they will not show the dirt like a white or light wood stool will.


Black accents can add depth to a kitchen’s color palette. A few black accessories or counter top appliances easily create a bit of drama on the counter. Sleek black is a great balance to white or colorful kitchens as well as ones that are predominately wood.

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