Four Considerations in Choosing an Outdoor Grill


  1. The first thing to determine when shopping for outdoor gas grills is type of grill. LP or natural gas? In some cases manufacturers offer units that are convertible. If natural gas is available at the grill location, then fine. If portability is required, then LP will be necessary. Assess the situation. A related issue is simply whether the situation calls for a built-in or portable grill.
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  3. Once these basics are out of the way, then size and scale need to be considered. Outdoor grills go from a standard 30″ width to 54″ widths. Similarly, btu’s (gas output) should be looked at. Much is made about btu’s, but among the premium brands all seem to provide burners with high outputs from 20,000 to 29,000.
  4. Features will vary considerably among grills, with each brand having its own selling points. Lighting can be important. Some brands have halogen lights in the canopy. Others may have illuminated knobs. The canopy itself should be investigated. Large, heavy canopies or hoods are difficult to open. Some companies have engineered counter-balanced hoods that are easy to open. Other features to consider are rotisseries, grease trays, smoker trays, and temperature gauges. However, maybe the biggest decision when it comes to grills is the type of grill grates. Choices are stainless steel, porcelain over stainless steel, and porcelain over cast iron. Among the leading premium brands most offer porcelain over cast iron.
  5. Grill accessories can make a huge difference in buyer satisfaction. Side burners help chefs cook a complete meal outdoors. Rotisserie baskets, access doors, and warming racks are other common accessories. There are many other options available to create a complete outdoor kitchen.


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