Kitchen Decor Options

For kitchen surfaces like counters, cabinets and floors, you can go with matte or glossy finishes. Both matte and glossy surface work in a kitchen. Which you choose is a matter of personal choice and style. Some surfaces work better with certain design styles than others, but in general surface finish is up to you.


For cabinets, smooth glossy cabinets lend themselves to modern and contemporary designs. Matte finished wood or painted cabinets work well with traditional and country style kitchens. Metal or wood cabinets can be painted with either matte or glossy paints to change the look of the cabinets.


Floors tend to be matte in a kitchen. Stone, vinyl and linoleum all tend to have matte surfaces. Wood floors can be sealed with polyurethane in a range of glosses, including matte, satin and high gloss. Glossy surfaces tend to be slicker so keep this in mind when choosing a finish for your floor.


Counter tops in stone can be honed to a matte finish or polished for a glossy surface. Other materials like laminate tend to be matte. Tile can be done in both shiny and dull surfaces for the backsplash. In the kitchen pictured here, a high gloss surface makes up the backsplash and is reflected in the glossy counter.


The popularity of stainless steel appliances means these appliances will have matte surfaces. Adding in glossy cabinets and/or counters can break up the look of matte appliances. Having a variation in surfaces makes for a more interesting kitchen design.

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