More Innovation that Makes Sense

We recently blogged about innovation in appliances over the past years that just makes sense. We used the examples of Double Oven Ranges and French Door Refrigerators. These are ideas that consumers view as practical and intuitive. They’re not super high-tech or exciting technology, but they solve everyday problems.

Here’s a problem that’s been bugging consumers for years. Everybody wants to have a range or oven that is self-cleaning, but they never seem to want to use it. A self-cleaning cycle can take 3 to 4 hours to complete, and it is likely to stink up the kitchen in the process.

There is a new innovation in oven cleaning from Whirlpool Corporation now showing up in their brands called Aqualift. Ranges and ovens featuring Aqualift can be cleaned in less than an hour without the extreme heat, and without the odor.

Maytag Range (above) with AquaLift Technology

  • Cleans in less than an hour
  • Uses low heat of 200 degrees vs. 800 degrees for self-clean cycles
  • No odor

For a demonstration of how this works in their Maytag brand ranges click on the YouTube video:


To find out more about the entire array of WP Corporation ranges and ovens that feature AquaLift Technology contact the pros at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

Can you think of other examples of innovative appliance features that consumers really love? Please share by posting in the reply section below.


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