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A Sales Consultation vs The Bum's Rush*


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Common appliance retailers, big box, and home improvement stores have sales associates who are used to making quick sales and moving on. Getting more than a few minutes of attention from them would be unusual. The reason is that most of their customers are in the market to buy now. Typically, these buyers have an appliance at home that isn't working, and they want to replace it quickly and cheaply. It's not a planned purchase, and standing in the middle of a home improvement store talking to a guy in an apron is really a very good place to gather the information you need to make a thoughtful decision.

On the other hand, at Arizona Wholesale Supply Co. the staff are appliance or flooring experts (they don't sell hardware or cell phones). They're truly sales consultants, and they are accustomed to working with builders and designers through the entire selection process from conception to completion.

So whether you are designing a new kitchen, building a new home, or just thinking about replacing worn out appliances or flooring, you don't want “The Bum's Rush*”. You want someone to devote some time, to work with you, and help you make the best choices at the best prices available. Call today and ask for an appointment. The Arizona Wholesale Supply sales consultant will be happy to set aside the time to find the solutions that will work best for you.


Scottsdale Showroom Manager, Kent Greenhalgh reviews a set of plans with a kitchen designer.

Don't misunderstand, if you just need to replace your dishwasher, and you want to get in and out quickly, Arizona Wholesale Supply is your best choice. As Arizona's largest builder distributor, they're likely to have what you need in stock today, and at a price that will make you happy. But if you need to sit down with someone who will help you through the selection process, the sales consultants are eager to set up a meeting with you, and won't give you “The Bum's Rush*”.

* The Bum's Rush is a colloquial phrase dating back to 1910. It originally referred to vagrants being escorted from bars, but today often means disrespectfully cutting a conversation short.

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