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What is a trend? Webster’s defines it as “the general course or prevailing tendency“. Many of us use the word “trend” to describe future occurrences. However, here are three current trends in appliance sales. These are definitely products that are being sold with increasing frequency right now – not something that might happen in the future. While they hardly are dominant, buyers are selecting them on a much more frequent basis than in previous years, and more manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon with greater selection and a broader price range.


Sharp Microwave Drawer

1. Microwave drawers

While they have been around for a number of years, the recent upsurge in remodels and more choices in microwave drawer models has brought about an increase in sales. Designers generally dislike the omnipresent microwave hoods, and for good reason. Microwave hoods do a poor job in ventilation, and the location of a microwave in the place of a hood is ergonomically unsound. Placing a portable microwave on the counter is a big waste of valuable counter space, so the microwave drawer provides a practical solution. While many of the brands available are manufactured by Sharp, the different sizes, styles, and features still give customers a variety of choices. An East coast appliance blogger has rated Jenn-Air, Viking, Wolf, and Thermador as favorite microwave drawer brands. Now, if homebuilders will only start specifying them in new homes.


Thermador Induction

2. Induction cooking

Magnetic induction cooking has been around (on and off) for decades, but for a variety of reasons this technology has not become popular until recently. Customers love the instant response and power of induction, and now there is quite a selection of styles and sizes not limited to cooktops, but also including induction ranges. Prices vary widely from the popular mass brands such as Whirlpool, to the more esoteric luxury brands such as Miele and Gaggenau, and everything in-between such as Dacor, and KitchenAid.


Miele Coffee Maker

3. Built-In coffee makers.

Dying for a cup of home brewed espresso or a latte? A built-in coffee maker may be just what you need. Miele and Thermador are a good place to start, but Electrolux, Dacor, and Bosch also have full-featured built-in coffee makers. For budget minded coffee drinkers who can forego the espresso drinks, Brew Express can provide the convenience and space savings of a built-in coffee maker at a fraction of the price.

There are other kitchen appliance trends that we’ll cover in future blogs, but we thought these were noteworthy. Let us know what trends you are seeing in appliances and we’ll discuss them in upcoming blogs.

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  1. A microwave drawer is also wonderful in house when you have someone with difficulty bending or wheelchair bound. They work great. I have one and I love it so does my disabled husband. I recommend them all the time to my customers.

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