3 Myths about Self-Cleaning Ovens

Exposing online myths about self-cleaning ovens.

Myth #1 – Self-cleaning your oven creates a high risk for a service problem.

One blogger advised that when you use the self-clean cycle on your oven there is a great risk of the oven failing. She knew this because people often complained online that their oven failed after self-cleaning.

Think about this for a minute. Online is a place where people often go to express their dissatisfaction. There are millions of self-cleaning ovens in use. Suppose that the overwhelming majority of those ovens have been cleaned a number of times with no problem. How many of those successful cleanings do you think get reported online? “Oh, I just cleaned my self-clean oven and it worked. I better go online and post this to the world!” No – you expected it to work. That's not news. But if it fails, you want EVERYONE to know what a bad oven you got from XYZ.

Self-cleaning ovens are designed to be cleaned. If there was a serious performance problem on self-clean ovens manufacturers would be all over it because they absorb the warranty expense. There's simply no supporting evidence to the notion that using the self-cleaning cycle in an oven will cause the oven to fail.

Myth #2 – Self-cleaning ovens are big energy wasters.

It is true that when you put your oven through a self-clean cycle it does use some electricity. One electric utility figured about a dollar for each cleaning. Another quoted $0.35. However, others maintain that because of all the heat during a cycle, self-cleaning ovens do have more insulation than non-self-clean ovens and therefore use less energy during normal operations. In any case, the cost of self-cleaning an oven appears to be less than the cost of a can of oven cleaner notwithstanding some of the outrageous claims made by the uninformed.

Myth #3 – Self-cleaning ovens are health hazards.

If you happen to be a tropical bird, this is true. Birds cannot deal with the fumes coming out of a self-cleaning oven and should be taken outside or to a room away from the kitchen during the self-clean cycle. Humans are safe, but the kitchen does warm up so I cleaned my oven in the middle of the day when there wasn't much going on in the kitchen and opened a window.

For information on cleaning your self-cleaning oven, check out the You Tube video below:


We'll also be posting videos on ovens that come with a steam-clean option and those with Whirlpool's new AquaLift cleaning mode.

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