The Silliness of Black Friday Appliance Deals

Unbelievable Washer/Dryer Prices = Unbelievably Bad Deals.

Black Friday sales are tempting.

But consider that the market for home laundry is a “saturated” market. Over 90% of U.S. households already have a washing machine. New washers and dryers are rarely purchased when the old ones are still working. It's just silly when folks with working appliances rush out to buy Black Friday specials at seemingly ridiculously low DOOR BUSTER prices. (There really is no free lunch).

When is a great price a bad deal?

Nobody wants to pay too much for a new appliance. But buying unneeded washers that must constantly be monitored for out of balance, and dryers without an end of cycle signal at almost any price is paying too much! (Read comments below).

It makes much more sense to keep your wallet in your pocket and buy your appliances as a “considered” or planned purchase. THEN you are buying appliances on your schedule, not someone else's. There will always be opportunities to save money, but you should save money on appliances when you need them, and get products that will make ownership a pleasure – not a burden.

Customer comments on Black Friday washer and dryer models:

“This is not a washer you can start and walk away from to do other things. Every time I start a load of laundry I must stay close to it to make sure it continues the cycle because it often “hangs” on the wash cycle and sits forever…. I hate this machine with the passion of 1000 white hot suns. I would go on, but it is laundry day and I have to go back downstairs to babysit the washer.”

“I can see now why the price is pretty cheap and the dryer is non-returnable. I bought this junk three weeks ago and have used it about a dozen times. I have used both automatic and timed drying. I have to run two 60 minute cycles to dry any type of load I put in. I would not recommend this to anyone.”

Just so you know that we're not referring to hypotheticals here, a major home improvement chain (think orange aprons), has a stupid low price on the old style agitator type washer above. It has a mediocre brand name, and a small tub, but it uses more energy and water than most other washers…I could go on. Here's what a leading consumer magazine (OK – Consumer Reports) says about this type of washer:

These perform least impressively as a group and use the most energy overall. They hold only about 12 to 16 pounds of laundry and use the most water. Most are relatively noisy, and their loads can become unbalanced.

When it comes time for you to buy a new washer and/or dryer check with the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply. They can help you select a product that suits YOUR needs. They'll check for any rebates or specials that can save you money. It you're not too picky you could also check with Arizona Wholesale's liquidation center for model home returns or scratch and dents.

Happy Holidays!

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