How To Pre-Plan For Moving — Get a Jump On Moving Day!

Moving is such a daunting task. It requires money, time, energy, and patience. The process is basically an enormous to-do list that starts with an intention and does not end until every last item has been placed inside your new home.  Thinking about a move from start to finish is a bit overwhelming so it’s a good idea to tackle it in segments. Start with pre-planning. Here are several tips for getting ahead.

  • Locate or buy boxes. To save money, ask your friends. They often have boxes left over after their own move, but haven’t gotten around to getting rid of them. Also check with stores. Sometimes retailers will let you have their empty boxes.
  • Purchase plenty of shipping tape. It’s really annoying to be in the zone with packing then run out of tape.
  • Gather newspapers for wrapping breakables. Look around your house for other spare materials such as tissue paper, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc
  • Purchase Sharpie markers. Go with wide tipped markers. They will make it easy to label the box in big bold letters. Plan to label multiple sides of the box so you don’t have to search all over the box to find out what’s in it.
  • Go through every room where you currently live and extract anything you don’t need. Throw away or recycle anything that can’t be repurposed. Create a pile of items that can be donated and a pile that can be sold.  Locate a local service to pick up your donations, or you can save them the gas costs and drop them off. Schedule a yard sale or list the higher quality items for sale online.
  • Decide if you’d like to paint the space you’re moving into. If so, plan to find out if you can go in and paint a few days before the move. It’s much easier to paint an empty room, and this way you can budget for the paint costs and time it will take to paint.
  • Find help with moving. This includes help with actual moving and borrowing things like large vehicles, dollies and blankets. Ask friends and family, or hire a reputable company. Consider specialty items. For instance, items like grandfather clocks and mirrors require special handling.
  • Hire a maid service to clean the space you move out of. Who wants to go back and clean the old place after moving into the new one?

That should get you started! Leave us a comment with your worst pre-move planning story!

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