Does the Medicine Cabinet Have to Go Above the Sink?

Medicine cabinets are useful additions to any bathroom. They let you keep several items you use each day right at hand, as well as give you a place to keep things such as medication out of the reach of small children. The traditional place to put medicine cabinets is above the sink in the bathroom, but sometimes this isn’t the best spot. Maybe you don’t have the space between the studs to recess a cabinet and a surface mount style doesn’t match the room’s design. Or perhaps you want a large mirror there, and the medicine cabinet that would fit would be too small. Whatever the case, if you can’t put the cabinet above the sink, there are other places where it can work just as well.

On an Adjoining Wall

If your vanity cabinet is in an alcove or abuts a wall on one end, consider moving the medicine cabinet to the side. Because there are often no pipes running in the adjoining wall, you can usually recess a cabinet here even if you can’t recess it behind the sink. This lets you have a large mirror above the sink, and still keeps all your items close at hand when you need them. Keep in mind however, that frequently adjoining walls tend to not be very wide, so you may not be able to fit a large cabinet in this space.

Next to the Shower

If you don’t have a wall next to your sink, consider moving the cabinet to another area of the room altogether and install it just outside the shower. This is a particularly good move for decorative surface mount cabinets, because it helps to dress up this area of the room, and gives you some discreet storage in another area where you may need it. When placed there, the medicine cabinet can hold razors, soap, shower gels, or bath beads right where you need them. Placing a mirror in this area is also beneficial because it helps to open up the room and make it feel larger.

If you want a medicine cabinet, but not right above your sink, don’t worry; you can easily move it to another area in the bathroom where it will be put to good use.

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