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New Maytag Dishwashers Take a New Direction

See The Maytag Man of 2034

Many of us grew up with the Maytag Repairman. He was known as Ol’ Lonely. But these days you don’t hear the words “Ol’ Lonely.” And the iconic Maytag Repairman is no longer a repair man. Today, he’s simply called the Maytag Man. There’s a reason for this change. Maytag feels that having a Repair Man as your spokesperson, even a lonely one, focuses on the negative. The POSITIVE…the reason why the repairman is lonely…is the story of Maytag’s dependability and durability.

The Maytag Man


He’s the heart and sole of dependability

Maytag’s new dishwasher, for example is not the same as some of its sister brands under the Whirlpool umbrella. Here’s how Maytag describes its best model:



Our quietest dishwasher ever has all the cleaning power of Maytag without the ruckus. It’s built with the most powerful motor on the market to handle dried-on egg yolk on plates and peanut butter on knives. Plus, this reliable dishwasher features a 4-blade stainless steel chopper and disposer to chew up scraps and the PowerBlast™ cycle to rinse them all away. And when it comes to loading and unloading, the premium ball-bearing rack glides on the upper rack are built to stand up to a decade of openings and closings and still slide out smooth. We built this large-capacity dishwasher with tough stainless steel to take on the worst messes. Then we made it our quietest ever at only 47 dBA1—even quieter than coffee brewing. This reliable dishwasher also comes backed with a 10-year limited parts warranty, and it’s assembled in Findlay, Ohio at the largest dishwasher manufacturing plant in the world.

  • Even though this dishwasher has a 4-blade stainless steel chopper and disposer – unlike filter-based models, this Maytag still has a respectably quiet 47dba sound rating.
  • Continuing to defy conventional wisdom, instead of using a tiny European style motor, Maytag proudly promotes the largest, most powerful motor in the industry.
  • You can see why Maytag isn’t afraid of offering a 10-year limited parts warranty.

Maytag is so confident of it’s durability, it is already training the Maytag Man of 2034. See video below:

Please don’t try this at home. As you can tell, Simon is a professional!

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