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Although I recently finished remodeling my kitchen, my appliance background always leads me to check for deals. Unlike others, as a large builder distributor Arizona Wholesale Supply, really has everyday low prices on all appliances. Builders can't work without a reliable distributor who has the ability to be a day-to-day low price supplier.

So, when I see a special from Arizona Wholesale Supply, I pay attention. This one is an extra special special. Maybe you've been interested in induction cooking? Now is the time to take a closer look.

Let's start by reviewing the three types of electric cooktops:

Conventional electric coil element cooktops

These cooktops have been around forever, well…since the days of Thomas Edison. Coil elements are still around, but found usually only in entry level cooktops. I don't want to disparage this product, though. Coil elements are reliable, easy to replace, and heat quickly.

Ceran electric smoothtops

Ceran smoothtops have become a very popular choice in electric, largely replacing coil elements. They clean easily, heat quickly, and have become quite affordable.

Electric induction cooktops

Induction has been available for a long time, but for many years has been considered a specialty item, and only available in a few brands. That has all changed, most cooking brands include induction cooktops in their line. Induction gets your pans hot nearly instantly, cooks quickly and evenly, and turns off instantly. Induction is promoted as electric, but with all the advantages of gas. Historically, it's been priced considerably higher than other changes.

Manufacturer Closeout

Recently, induction cooktop prices have begun to drop. Nevertheless, when a super premium/luxury brand to has a closeout on induction – MORE THAN HALF OFF! it is remarkable indeed.

Electrolux Induction Hybrid Cooktops


*30″ Electrolux Hybrid Cooktop $798 msrp $1699

*36″ Electrolux Hybrid Cooktop $848 msrp $1999


Electrolux Wave-Touch Series EW36CC55GB

  • 36″ Hybrid Induction Cooktop
  • 2 Induction/3 Radiant Elements
  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • Blue LED Display
  • Easy-to-Clean Cooktop Surface: Black

*Limited to stock on hand

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