Laptop Ergonomics and Healthy Work Sessions Part 2

Part Two – Children

It’s important for everyone to sit properly while working on a laptop computer. The term ‘laptop computer’ is actually rather misleading because setting your computer in your lap rarely leads to good anatomical alignment. Overcoming this problem is especially important for children whose bone structure is still changing and developing. They also have shorter attention spans and their eyes and minds fatigue quickly so they greatly benefit from a few other adjustments, mentioned below.

Combat all of these threats to your child’s well being by setting up the appropriate work station and providing the perfect opportunity to eat well and exercise. Start by adjusting lighting as necessary. Excessive sunlight dims our ability to see the screen clearly so close the blinds or drapes while your child is working.  Next, set a timer to ease strain on body, eyes, and mind. For every 30 minutes of computer time, the child should get 30 minutes of activity. I

f the weather permits this should include fresh air. Also, provide healthy snacks. Sitting at a computer for extended periods makes us prone to mindlessly eating junk food. Prevent this by setting a healthy snack on the desk ahead of time. Even if your child is not yet hungry, he or she is far more likely to eat a healthy snack if it is within arm’s reach when hunger does eventually rise to the surface. This goes for you too!

Now, correct the child’s posture if she is sitting in a chair that is lower than the table, causing the arms be raised higher than normal in order to reach the keyboard. This puts strain on the upper arms, elbows, and back.  Remedy:  Place a cushion under her bum so she can sit higher up. Scoot the chair in far enough for knees to slide under the table. Once you’ve done this her feet will now be dangling. There should be a ninety degree angle at the knees so slide something under the table on which the child can set her feet in order to achieve the ideal alignment of the legs.