Spring Cleaning Ideas – How To Get Rid Of Stuff Part 3

Part 3: How to organize and/or get rid of toys

This next suggestion is going to sound a bit crazy, but stick with us. You are now going to empty the containers in which you placed the toys. Put the small toys in a pile on the floor next to the pile of large toys you already created. You will need a few to several clear containers for this part of the reorganization so set up empty ones near you.

Now, start filling the containers with toys by type. So, outdoor toys go together, dolls go together, trucks and cars go together, etc. This also applies to toys that are parts of a collection. For instance, ponies or dolls. If you’re child has a large enough collection of these, they should also go in their own separate container.

By organizing the toys this way you accomplish several things. One, it’s easier for playtime to be fun, which ensures that all of the toys get used because they are together. After all, what good is a pretend frying pan if you can’t find the stove it goes with? Two, as you work to separate and organize you’ll likely find duplicates and can get rid of them. It’s doubtful your kiddo needs two of the same toy car. Three, it’s your opportunity to bring your child into the decision of what to keep and what to get rid of. Often times, kids are more willing to let go of stuff if it feels like their idea. When they see a lot of their toys piled together, they are more likely to let go of things that are not very entertaining.

Don’t be afraid to also get rid of entire collections if you’re child has clearly outgrown them. Rather than asking about them piece by piece, first ask “Do you still like playing with cars?” If the answer is no, then you can skip the rest of the work and just get rid of the whole set. Make sure as well that you aren’t hanging on to stuff that your child no longer needs because you think it’s cute. If you want a clutter free home, you have to accept that our babies grow up and we have to get rid of stuff along the way!

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