New Rules on GFCI Receptacles

Heads Up: Builders and Contractors

GFCI rules changing again on June 29th, 2015

UL 943 Changes

The new rule requires that GFCI receptacles manufactured on or after June 29, 2015 must have:

  1. An auto-monitoring function that will allow for periodic automatic testing (self-test) of the GFCI device and its ability to respond to a ground fault. If a problem is detected the GFCI will disconnect power to anything connected to it or indicate that there is a problem using visual or audible means.
  2. Provisions to ensure that any receptacle type GFCI that contains separate line and load terminals, and that is powered through its load terminals, shall not reset and supply power to its receptacle face or line terminals if miswired. This applies both during its initial installation and after reinstallation following a correctly wired installation. If the device is provided with special instructions for removal and reinstallation, the instructions shall be followed during testing.

Provision 1 is self-explanatory. From June 29th, 2015 forward, manufacturers of GFCI receptacles, will need to build receptacles that meet the new UL criteria. That is, the receptacle itself must have the ability to verify that it will disconnect power in the event of a ground fault, and provide a warning either visibly or audibly.

Provision 2 seems a bit more confusing, but essentially it requires that if the GFCI receptacle is mis-wired, it cannot simply be reset. The receptacle must be removed, and replaced or removed and re-installed following the procedure specified by the GFCI manufacturer. In the past, some GFCI receptacles could simply be reset without necessarily correcting the cause of the malfunction.

The good news in all this is that the regulation effective date applies to the manufacturer. Existing inventory manufactured before June 29, 2015 may still be used, but GFCI receptacles manufactured on or after June 29, 2015 must comply to the new provisions of the regulation.

So, builders and contractors need to be aware of this new regulation and understand that over the coming months they'll begin to see the new GFCI receptacles show up in the supply chain.

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