Spring Cleaning Ideas – How To Get Rid Of Stuff Part 5

Part 5 – How to organize and get rid of your kid’s books and magazines 

We hope you’re enjoying this series about how to get rid of your kid’s stuff! We are almost done. Toys are now under control, and the clothes are back in sane formation. Let’s move on to books and magazines. These sure stack up fast and kids’ aren’t particularly inclined to get rid of them. Here’s how to go about it.

 First, toss anything that’s no longer age appropriate. If your child is eight years old and still has books from when he was four, then it’s time to give them away. They may be cute but they aren’t really serving a purpose. Unless they are collectable or keepsakes, in which case you can keep them.

Next, sort more thoroughly through the books you’re considering keeping and let your kiddo help you decide which ones to keep. Yes, let them decide! Even if you love a particular book, don’t be afraid to let it go if you can’t convince your child to enjoy it. They will be much more likely to return to their bookshelf consistently if they know it only holds books they like and are thus easy to find.

To clean up any stacks of magazines, simply limit the number of issues per subscription that they’re allowed to keep. Let them pick their top 5 favorite issues and toss the rest. With the exception of periodicals that make reference to important historical events. They will likely enjoy these when they are adults. To ensure your child actually gets around to enjoying the magazines make them easily accessible on an open shelf.  Stacked in a drawer won’t do much. You can also place them next to the desk to teach the idea of reference material, or next to the bed encourage nightly reading.

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