Spring Cleaning Ideas – How To Get Rid Of Stuff Part 6

Part 6: Artwork

How exciting! If you are now ready to tackle the final segment of overhauling your child’s room, that means the project is nearly complete and you can see just how awesome it’s going to be. Let’s wrap it up!

Of all the things we’ve discussed in this series, artwork is perhaps the most difficult to let go of. However, if you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you know that children produce a LOT of artwork! From a sentimental perspective it’s tempting to keep every single doodle and scribble your little artist creates. Take it from experienced mothers though – you won’t actually want all of it down the road. There’s no need to waste effort and space just to keep something that won’t be meaningful in the long term. To determine how to get rid of anything that isn’t particularly compelling, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would I frame it? Then do! Don’t put it back in a drawer for later. If you’re going to display it, then get on with it.
  • Does it represent a milestone? Such as the first time she was able to write her full name? If yes, strongly consider keeping it.
  • Is the child particularly proud of it? If so, don’t just keep it. Hang it on the wall in a frame with good light. Just to show him that you are proud of it too!
  • Is it funny or anecdotal? Keep it because these are the things that help us remember wonderful stories years from now.

If the artwork doesn’t fall somewhere within these reasons for keeping it, take a picture of the artwork and then get rid of it! Just snap a photo, close your eyes, wish it well, and let it flutter into the recycle bin. We promise you won’t miss anything inconsequential.

Before we sign off on this series we have a final suggestion to round out your project to perfection: Once you’ve decided on everything you’re going to keep, store it in clear containers at the sight level of your child. Floor level for small children, standing level for young children, desk or higher for teens. If you’re going to hang on to all that stuff and go to the trouble to organize it, then make sure it’s as readily apparent as possible so they USE it! Happy spring cleaning!