Refrigerator Ice Makers and Water Dispensers

Choices Abound for New Dispenser Model Refrigerators


One of the decisions you'll need to make when selecting a new refrigerator has to do with ice makers as well as ice and water dispensers. Many refrigerators these days come equipped with factory-installed icemakers. Refrigerator models without ice makers may even have connections for ice makers to be added later.

But there are a host of additional decisions to be made with respect to ice makers and water dispensers when choosing a new refrigerator. Let's start with the ice maker itself. Some models have their ice makers located in the door, conveniently freeing up storage space in the freezer…and inconveniently reducing the refrigerator door shelf storage. Other refrigerators free up that door space and put the ice maker in the freezer bin, thereby reducing freezer storage space. What is your preference?

There are even refrigerators that come with 2 ice makers for extra ice when you have parties. Do you often run out of ice? In researching this, I found that one manufacturer offers a spare ice container so that you could remove the ice container from the refrigerator to use as an ice bucket while the spare container allows you to keep making ice while you are using ice from the other container. Handy!

Then there are the dispenser issues. Do you prefer ice and water to be dispensed through an external dispenser, or do you like a refrigerator with doors free from the visual interruption of a bulky dispenser?


Internal Dispenser

Some people are worried about water leaking from the exterior dispenser and damaging their hardwood floor, and prefer refrigerators with internal dispensers. Others simply like the nice clean look of a refrigerator with no visible dispenser.

Many external ice makers allow you to flip a switch to dispense crushed ice vs. cubed. The choices seem infinite. GE® has a refrigerator that will dispense hot water as well as cold water, and even brew a cup of coffee from an accessory Keurig® attachment.


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