Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

During the fall months, meals become heartier for most families.  But with busy schedules, not everyone has time to make complex meals.  This recipe for Chicken and Dumplings is a filling and warm but requires very little time and is ready for you when you walk in the door! Imagine the stress of your day rolling off your shoulders as you finish your busy day and walk into your home to the smell of a meal. 

Pair this with a crusty loaf of bread and a side salad for a wonderful home-cooked meal tonight!


  1. 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
  2. 1 can of Chicken Broth 14.5 oz.
  3. 2-10 oz. cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
  4. 1 can Creamed Corn
  5. 1 can of Biscuits 16.3 oz.
  6. 1/2 White Onion chopped
  7. 1/8  tsp. Garlic Powder
  8. 1/4 tsp. Salt
  9. 1/4 tsp. Pepper



Place the chicken breast in the crock pot. Cover chicken with broth, soup, creamed corn and chopped onion. Sprinkle on the garlic powder, salt and pepper then place the lid onto the crock pot.

Cook on high for three hours. After three hours, spoon the chicken out of the pot and shred it, using two forks. After the chicken is shredded place it back into the crock pot.

Cut the biscuit dough into bite size pieces. Place biscuit pieces in the pot and cook on high for an hour.

Now you are ready to serve this delicious comfort food!