Designing a Farm House Kitchen

There is a certain nostalgia when cooking in a farm house kitchen. It reminds us of growing up and helping our grandmothers in the kitchen. There are some key elements to remember when designing this space.

Back in the day there simply were not appliances all around the kitchen. It was popular to keep the refrigerator in a pantry or in an area off the kitchen. Certainly there were gas stoves but there was an absence of dishwashers. Apply cabinet paneling to appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher. This will it feel like you have stepped back in time, when the appliances are well hidden.

Select a soft painted cabinet finish. There is an array of painted cabinet finishes offered. The colors that work best for this type of specialized space is creams and earth toned blues and greens. Keep the cabinet panels relatively simple. In the past farm house kitchens had simple cabinet panels. Look for clean lines and stay away from highly ornate carvings and decoration. Keep the hardware simple as well. Simple nickel finished pulls and knobs can do the job. If you prefer select glass knobs and pair them with the simple pulls. Glass knobs were popular in old farm house kitchens and they add a bit of whimsy.

Incorporate rustic pendant lighting. This type of lighting helps achieve the farmhouse look. The best finishes are metal such as aluminum or copper. Look for a small amount of distressing on the finish.

Add flour, sugar and coffee in matching vessels right on the counter top. This makes these items more accessible when cooking and they add that vintage look that the farm house kitchen requires. Make sure the vessels match in style and graduate in sizes from largest to smallest.

Keep the space light and bright. Back in time these kitchens had natural light from windows and were often painted white or cream. Add pops of color by hanging a cheerful valance over the kitchen sink window.

What is your favorite feature of a Farm House Kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!