Backyard Luncheon

Hosting a luncheon is the perfect way to transition into fall with one last get together with friends and family. It’s one last hurrah gathered around your patio furniture and a great way to casually enjoy your back yard. The best part of a luncheon is how easy it is to put together. Its casual nature means that you don’t have to fuss too much ahead of time trying to throw together the perfect get together.

One of the advantages to luncheons is that often times friends will have plans for their evenings over their weekends but lunch time tends to be free! Lunch is also a more casual time and this means it is more family friendly for the kiddos—another added bonus for those of you with friends who have children.

A few rules of thumb to follow when planning your luncheon—keep the lunch recipes light and easy. You’ll thank yourself when you have less work to do ahead of time and these types of recipes are usually preferred for lunch any way. Think of putting things together such as salads and light sandwiches. You might also consider some easy snacking such as chips and a couple of your favorite dips. These are especially nice because they setup and clean up tends to be a breeze making your life easier.

Try and plan ahead of time if you think any of your guests will be bringing their children. Get a few fun games together for the kids to play while you entertain your guests. Put together an easy lunch option for the children in case there is a particularly picky eater. Usually in those cases a simple peanut butter and jelly will suffice. Or if you have a grill, go ahead and get some hot dogs ready for them.

Finally, set the stage! You won’t want to go overboard here, luncheons are casual and with the natural light from hosting your event midday, as opposed to when it is dark out, means the landscape will work for you as your decorations. Use this your advantage and see just how easy throwing together a luncheon can be.