Creating Privacy at Home

Currently, we are in an age where social media has made our lives somewhat well-known to others. Just by the click of a button, others can know things about your family, the coffee shop you always go to, or the name of the first pet you owned. We tend to put a lot out there but, there are some things that should be left private. Your home should be a place of comfort and privacy, a place where you are at ease. Let us consider the layout of your home and some things you can potentially update to add privacy.


Your backyard can be an oasis from the busyness going on inside your home. Backyards are an escape to tranquility without dropping the big bucks for a glamorous beach getaway.

Fences are a great solution towards adding privacy in your backyard. Fences are fantastic if you have small children or pets that will be playing in your yard.

Line your yard with bushes, trees, shrubs, etc. Plants will bring life to your yard while incorporating a sense of privacy from any unwanted eyes.

Outdoor deck curtains allow homeowners to choose when they desire their privacy. These curtains will also provide an aesthetic appeal to your deck. They can provide an opportunity to add color where you did not think was possible.


If you are fighting for privacy in a space, a room divider can be a method for creating privacy. Whether you are blocking off an office from a bedroom or two siblings who share a room together, adding a room divider can be an inexpensive way to add privacy.

Curtains are an easy solution for privacy. You can actually use curtains throughout your home and not just on your windows.

Sometimes the arch design of a doorway makes it difficult to put on an actual door. Barn Doors are great for oddly shaped arches that need a touch of privacy.

Privacy may be an extremely important factor for you in your home. If so, how do you provide privacy in your home? Share your thoughts with us below.