Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning can be difficult and time-consuming. You want to make sure you clean your home effectively yet efficiently. You do not have endless time that you can devote to cleaning home, we get it. Let us help you navigate through cleaning your home in a time worthy manner.

Cleaning Hacks:

Dirty Microwave. Place one cup of water inside your microwave. Press two minutes on the keypad and let the water heat. After the two minutes, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the inside of the microwave. The steam produced by the cup of water will help clean off leftover food and residue.

Smelly Fridge. Clean out your refrigerator and wipe down all the shelves. To reduce odor produced by food, place a small bowl of coffee grounds in the back of your fridge. This is a natural remedy to reduce odor in smelly refrigerators.

Grimy Mirror. Sometimes, our beauty products or toothpaste leave an noticeable residue on bathroom mirrors. To remove the residue, dip a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol and wipe off the dirty marks.

Filthy Shower Head. Fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar. Attach the bag by tying a rubber band to the shower head. Have the bag sit overnight. In the morning, turn on your shower water and let it run for five minutes.

Allergy-Causing Sheets. The dirty sheets in your bedroom can increase any symptoms from your allergies. Make sure to wash your linens once a week to prevent these allergies.

Dusty Decorations. Decorations can collect a lot of dust in homes. Run a duster overtop of all decorations and framed photos. Spend extra time on wiping off your framed photos, because they tend to be a big dust collector.

Crumby Couch. Couches are home to food crumbs and dirt. Make sure to vacuum your sofa often to prevent unwanted pests.

Fabric Softener Build-up. Have you ever notice that your clothing iron is dirty? Make sure to clean your iron often to reduce the build up of fabric softener. You can combine baking soda with water to clean off the residue. Take the mixture and gently rub in circular motions. Lastly, you will need to take a damp cloth and rub away all leftover product.
Note: Try not to get the baking soda mixture inside the iron’s steam holes.

Now that is cleaning done fast and easy! What cleaning hacks do you use in your own home? Share your cleaning hacks with us in the comment section below.

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