Flooring Quiz

You have a room in your house and you want to install new flooring but have no idea where to start.  We put together a simple quiz that will score your answers to decide what flooring is best for you. Let’s get started! 

Please Note: This quiz may be subjective and it is still recommended to check with your authorized retailer for the best solution for your room.

Flooring Quiz:

1. Where are you installing your floor? 

A.) Kitchen

B.) Bathroom/Laundry Room

C.) Bedroom

D.) Living Room

  • If you picked “A,” you will want to look at flooring that is easy to clean when accidental spills occur and one that provides an easy odor control.  Go with tile, LVP, or hardwood, but stray from carpet options. 
  • If you chose “B,” you will want a waterproof flooring option.  Most LVP’s and types of vinyl make great options as well as tiled floors.  Stay away from carpets and hardwoods because they will not respond well in wet environments. 
  • If you decide “C,” you will want something comfortable on your feet like a plush carpet, stylish LVPs or timeless hardwood.  Preferably stay away from cold surfaces like tile. 
  • If you went with “D,” it will be best to find comfortable and durable floors depending on traffic.  This will also be a good room to incorporate LVPs, hardwoods, and carpets.

2. What is the flooring you are installing over?

A.) Concrete

B.) Plywood

C.) Hardwood

D.) Sub-floor

Concrete and sub-floor are good options for carpet installations (glue down or padded), LVPs, and sheet vinyl with prep work, but not all hardwoods.  Engineered hardwood can be glued down or installed over floors but not solid hardwoods.  Plywood and hardwood are great subfloors for any of these options to be installed over top of them but it will take prep work for sheet vinyl.

3. What will the amount of traffic be inside the room?

A.) Light/None

B.) Moderate

C.) Heavy

D.) Extreme (Animals, Industrial, Etc.)

If you chose “A,” you will want you can choose any floor but also have the pleasure of having soft silk carpets. 

Option “B” is when you may need to start straying away from super soft, elegant carpets but you are not as limited as option “C.”

Going with “C” means you will need to go with commercial carpet if any and consider if tiles and softer hardwoods will become damaged. Luxury vinyl planking is a very durable flooring option to consider. 

When choosing the option “D,” we encourage you to have a conservation with your sales representative before making a purchase.  Let them know your current situation and what you are considering.  Carpet tiles, rubber flooring, LVP are a start to look at but not your only options.  Some commercial carpets can withstand this heavy amount of traffic. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. 

4. What is your room’s overall function?

A.) Entertainment

B.) Comfort and Relaxation

C.) Bathing

D.) Commercial

E.) Fitness

If your room is used for “A” or “B,” you should consider comfortable and homey solutions like carpets, whereas tile or waterproof flooring can be essential for water-prone areas like option “C.”  Commercial environments need to be treated as such.  Ask your sales representatives to show you commercial carpets and vinyl planking options. Fitness is best suited with rubber flooring but some replica wood and soft types of vinyl are perfect for studios for yoga.

5. What is the design you are trying to obtain?

A.) Elegant

B.) Homey

C.) Timeless

D.) Versatile

Nothing says elegant like tile floors.  This is a beautiful way to transform a room.   Carpet is a great way to give a room a homey and cozy feel.  Adding carpet in a room helps to create an inviting atmosphere to sit on the floor and watch movies.  Hardwood is a timeless flooring option that is a great design solution to add to your home.  Hardwood’s durability and look have survived the centuries because of how appealing and perfect this floor is.   Going with a Luxury Vinyl Planking is a way to find look-alike tile or hardwood replica without jeopardizing the benefits of durability and waterproofing.

It is still important to check with your sales representative to decide what flooring is best for you.  Different factors can play a role in what flooring option to choose.  Room size, location, environment, and prep work are all important to discuss prior to your investment. 

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