How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Pro

From vibrant, bold hues to jazzy patterns, throw pillows are a fabulous way to accent or spice up a bed or sofa. Whether you are decorating the couch in the living room or the bed in the master bedroom, putting together the right combination of throw pillows can be much harder than it looks. In fact, mixing patterns and colors can be considered an art. Here are some secrets for styling throw pillows like a professional:
  • Don’t Make This Mistake
Perhaps, the biggest mistake that homeowners make when selecting throw pillows is playing it too safe. The great thing about accent pillows is that they are typically used sparingly, which means that you have room to play around with pattern and color without overwhelming the space. As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa or bed is usually a neutral color. Using neutral colored throw pillows will create a whitewashed effect. Take a chance with your creativity and choose colorful or designed accent pillows for a beautiful look. 
  • Meshing Throw Pillows With Your Decor
Are you worried that a specific throw pillow will not work well with your room’s decor? Vibrant colors and patterns work well in any space as long as it harmonizes with something else in the room such as a piece of artwork, the rug, or even a chair. A throw pillow can look out of place in a space if it does not match well with anything in the room. Create a cohesive look by seeking inspiration from another element in the room.
  • The Secret to Mixing Patterns
The key to tastefully mixing patterns is finding a common link between the patterns. Different patterns can look great together when they use a similar color or tone. Solid colored throw pillows mesh well with both large and small scaled patterns. Mixing solid throw pillows with patterns creates a balanced yet playful look. Avoid mixing more than three different patterns together in one setting.
  • Where Should You Place Throw Pillows?
So where is the best spot for throw pillows? This largely depends on the set up of the sofa or the bed. Most designers will recommend placing throw pillows at the end or the corners of the seating area or bed. For a large couch or bed, you would want two throw pillows at both opposite ends. Leaving the midsection provides ample room for sitting or laying down.
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