Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part One

Hardwood floors are a classic feature found in many homes around the world. Their desirability adds value and style that all buyers and sellers are seeking. They so easily add warmth to any living space and allow for infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating. In order to keep your floors looking like new so you can enjoy them for years to come, we have provided a list of some daily maintenance tips. Let’s take a look! 

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part One

Your first line of defense with any flooring is keeping it as clean as possible every day. By not allowing the floors to become built up with dirt and debris, you will be saving yourself a lot of time overall. Use a microfiber broom to gently sweep away daily dirt particles that result from regular foot traffic. This will keep the floors from becoming scratched and looking prematurely worn. For areas that will be used with a frequency that may cause wear and tear in a shorter period of time, try placing mats in these spots. Not only will it be relaxing underfoot, it will keep that section of your flooring from having areas where the finish appears to be duller. If you need to vacuum the area, use only a product that is specifically designed for bare floors. Products not made for this purpose will most likely cause permanent damage to your floors. 

The next issue falls under prevention: keeping the floors dry.  Hardwood flooring can become warped and otherwise damaged if moisture were to linger in and around it. Upon installation, your best bet would be to have to floors professionally sealed. After that, when presented with a moisture issue, prompt drying is required to minimize any effects it may cause to the flooring. If possible, avoid having liquids that may cause staining from entering the area. Examples of this are wine, juice, oil and any messes that can be made by a beloved family pet. If it is not possible to prevent these items from making their way into the room, protective mats may be the most appropriate solution.

For additional hardwood floor maintenance tips, see part two of this series!

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