Tips for Homeowners with Pets

We love our furry, little friends, but sometimes they can make quite the mess in our homes. As much as we vacuum and scrub, there may be some residue leftover after we clean. To tackle pet hair and dirt, we have created the ultimate pet cleaning list. You can successfully remove odors and stains with these quick and easy tips! 

Five Tips for Homeowners with Pets

  • Tip No. One: Unmark Their Territory. 

Sometimes our pets will mark their territory inside of our homes. Fight back by spraying the area with a natural mixture of eucalyptus (essential oil) and warm water. This will deter them from marking their territory in that area again and will add a new fresh scent. 

  • Tip No. Two: Clean Their Chew Toys.

Our pups do not have a care in the world, but we should care about their health. Make sure you clean their toys at least once a month to remove all germs and bacteria. Load the non-fabric toys into your dishwasher with one tablespoon of baking soda. Let the toys run through a cycle in your dishwasher then set them aside to dry. For your fabric toys, place them inside of your washing machine with a sprinkle of baking soda. Let the cycle run on the lowest setting possible for your washing machine them sit them out to dry naturally. 

  • Tip No. Three: Get Their Claws Off.

If your animal loves to shred things, take a couple of drops of lavender/rosemary essential oil (cats) or cinnamon/lemon essential oils (dogs) to deter them from clawing your stuff. 

  • Tip No. Four: Wash Their Beds.

Your pets’ beds can begin creating an odor in your home. You want to wash their beds as frequently as you wash your own sheets. Throw their dog bed in the washing machine with mild detergent. 

  • Tip No. Five: Brush Them Outside.

A way to avoid them shedding inside of your house is to take them outside. Brush them off outside, and they will not get the leftover hairs on your stuff.  

We hope you enjoyed these tips for your furry friend. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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