Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Adapting to living in a small home can be tough, but your design does not need to be compromised. With our nine expert ideas, you can decorate your small bathroom into a beautiful oasis that you will want to use. Let’s see how! 

Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms:

1. Accent It

Small bathrooms need a little something to make them unique and special. Adding in an accent wall can do just the trick! Plus, with thousands of ideas out there, you have your pick of the mill to match your personality and taste. From decorative wallpaper to stylish tile, your small bathroom’s design will be anything but tiny. 

2. Add in Quirky Floors

Speaking of tile, there is a wide range of fun and quirky tile for you to incorporate on your bathroom’s floors. Adding unique tilework helps your bathroom feel rustic and adds a lot of character to the space.  

3. Incorporate Mini Fixtures

In a smaller space, it is ideal to use smaller fixtures and appliances to make it feel bigger than it actually is. You may even want to try using brass or gold fixtures instead of the classic chrome to help add charm to your small space. Capitalizing the “charm” of a smaller room can help the design feel intended rather than forced. 

4. Focus on Soothing Tones

Soft, soothing tones are your friend in smaller spaces. A soft color scheme can come in handy when you are trying to create a calming oasis. Seek pastels, neutrals, and soft hues when decided on a color scheme for your small space.

5. Embrace Horizontal Imagery

If your space feels tight, you can try using horizontal imagery to give the illusion that the space is more substantial. For example, wooden boards on the wall that runs horizontally can potentially widen the visual perspective. If the room feels too short, you may want to switch to vertical boards to make the ceiling feel taller. 

6. Spend More on Less

With smaller spaces, you tend to buy fewer items; therefore, you have a bigger budget for less stuff. We recommend buying higher quality items rather than focusing on quantity. Having too many decor pieces can make the room feel tight and unwelcoming. Instead, you want to focus on quality pieces that will last a lifetime. 

7. Make a Statement

If you have a little bit of wiggle room, you should try to incorporate some type of statement piece into your design. Whether that be a decorative chandelier or a gorgeous mirror, your space should have one part that makes your guests go “wow.” 

8. Remove Clutter + Chaos

One of the greatest eyesores in a small space is clutter. Try and keep your counters clear and clutter free in your small bathroom. We know that it can be hard when there is little space, but incorporating wall storage should help! 

9. Place Floating Shelves

Floating shelves on your walls are the perfect solution when there is no room left on the floors. This sleek shelving option gives homeowners a place to store their items without compromising on valuable floor space. 

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