Incorporating Blue

What is your favorite color to use in your home’s decor? For many people, blue becomes a dominant hue in their design scheme. From pale ice shades to deep rich indigo, such colors are commonly associated with serenity and sophistication. In interior design, blue acts as a neutral color because it pairs well with almost any color. If you are interested in switching up your home’s decor, you should consider spicing things up with a range of this watery hue.
While you can deck any area of your home out in blue, specific areas of the home benefit from this color. According to color experts, blue works well in spaces such as the bathroom and bedroom. Since cool blues encourage calmness, you will want to use this color in essential areas of the home such as the bedroom, home office, and bathroom. Using shades of blue in your home office will help you focus while in the bedroom, it will promote relaxation. This hue is also great for the bathroom because you can use it to create a clean and fresh vibe.
In most color schemes, you will need to find a color that complements your primary choice. Usually, blue pairs well with any color choice but here are some of our favorite combinations: 
  • Blue and Green
Both lighter and more vibrant shades of blue pair well with the color green. Both are cool colors that sit close to each other on the color wheel. Pairing lighter shades of blue with pale hues of green gives off seashore vibes while using more vibrant shades of both of these colors, will have a dramatic effect on the space. 
  • Orchid and Blue
Can you imagine using both orchid and blue in the same design scheme? Since purple and blue are close to each other on the color wheel, it blends effortlessly. Light blue brings out the rich undertones of orchid to create a seemingly perfect design. 
  • Blue and Coral
There is nothing quite like the blue and coral color combination. Using these two hues within the same space gives off summertime, care-free vibes. This color scheme creates a design that is bound to uplift your mood and spirit. 
  • Blue and White
If you are timider when it comes to playing with colors, blue and white can create a timeless look in any space. These two colors are practically made for one another. With dark blue and white, the colors can create a nautical theme or with light blue and white, it can create a breezy shoreside theme. 
Which color combination would you try in your own home? Let us know in the comment section! 

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