How to Stencil Your Walls

Stenciling a wall can create an impressive statement in your room. Guests’ eyes will be intrigued by the artistic styling. Stenciling a wall is the updated version of wallpaper. To help homeowners, we have made stenciling easy with these simple steps:

Step One: Prepare your wall.

In order to prep your wall correctly, apply a base coat and let it set.

Step Two: Use adhesive on your stencil.

  • Shake the bottle of spray adhesive then lightly coat the back of your stencil.
  • Try to spray your stencil outdoors to help with unwanted fumes.
  • Make sure to keep the adhesive away from any other objects because adhesive is glue.
  • Prevent getting glue on yourself by using a glove on the hand holding the stencil.
  • Let the stencil dry before you apply it your wall.
    Note: A sticky stencil is good, a wet stencil is bad.

Step Three: Gently press the adhesive stencil onto your wall.

Step Four: Begin painting.

Keep in mind that “less is more” when you are stenciling. Use less paint than you think you will need. Slowly stroke the color over your stencils. Create a blotting motion around the inside edges of your stencil. This will prevent the paint from dripping underneath the stenciled area.

Step Five: Continue stenciling.

The great part about stenciling is that you do not have to wait to finish the wall. Carefully remove your stencil from the area you just painted. Remove any excess paint that may have gotten on the back of your stencil. Place your stencil on the next part of your wall.
Your spray adhesive will last about two to three rounds.

When you need to reapply your spray adhesive, wash off the back of your stencil and dry it with a paper towel. Make sure your stencil is thoroughly dried before reapplying your adhesive.

Step Six: Put on the second layer of paint.

This part may get a little stressful because you need to make sure your stencil lines up perfectly with the first time. Carefully place your stencil on the area you already painted and reapply a layer of paint.

Step Seven: Let this area dry.

Do not move any furniture or objects back in front of this wall until it is completely dry.

Voila! You now have a stylish stenciled wall that you did all by yourself.

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