Flooring Quiz

You have a room in your house and you want to install new flooring but have no idea where to start.  We put together a simple quiz that will score your answers to decide what flooring is best for you. Let’s get started! 

Please Note: This quiz may be subjective and it is still recommended to check with your authorized retailer for the best solution for your room.

Flooring Quiz:

1. Where are you installing your floor? 

A.) Kitchen

B.) Bathroom/Laundry Room

C.) Bedroom

D.) Living Room

  • If you picked “A,” you will want to look at flooring that is easy to clean when accidental spills occur and one that provides an easy odor control.  Go with tile, LVP, or hardwood, but stray from carpet options. 
  • If you chose “B,” you will want a waterproof flooring option.  Most LVP’s and types of vinyl make great options as well as tiled floors.  Stay away from carpets and hardwoods because they will not respond well in wet environments. 
  • If you decide “C,” you will want something comfortable on your feet like a plush carpet, stylish LVPs or timeless hardwood.  Preferably stay away from cold surfaces like tile. 
  • If you went with “D,” it will be best to find comfortable and durable floors depending on traffic.  This will also be a good room to incorporate LVPs, hardwoods, and carpets.

2. What is the flooring you are installing over?

A.) Concrete

B.) Plywood

C.) Hardwood

D.) Sub-floor

Concrete and sub-floor are good options for carpet installations (glue down or padded), LVPs, and sheet vinyl with prep work, but not all hardwoods.  Engineered hardwood can be glued down or installed over floors but not solid hardwoods.  Plywood and hardwood are great subfloors for any of these options to be installed over top of them but it will take prep work for sheet vinyl.

3. What will the amount of traffic be inside the room?

A.) Light/None

B.) Moderate

C.) Heavy

D.) Extreme (Animals, Industrial, Etc.)

If you chose “A,” you will want you can choose any floor but also have the pleasure of having soft silk carpets. 

Option “B” is when you may need to start straying away from super soft, elegant carpets but you are not as limited as option “C.”

Going with “C” means you will need to go with commercial carpet if any and consider if tiles and softer hardwoods will become damaged. Luxury vinyl planking is a very durable flooring option to consider. 

When choosing the option “D,” we encourage you to have a conservation with your sales representative before making a purchase.  Let them know your current situation and what you are considering.  Carpet tiles, rubber flooring, LVP are a start to look at but not your only options.  Some commercial carpets can withstand this heavy amount of traffic. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. 

4. What is your room’s overall function?

A.) Entertainment

B.) Comfort and Relaxation

C.) Bathing

D.) Commercial

E.) Fitness

If your room is used for “A” or “B,” you should consider comfortable and homey solutions like carpets, whereas tile or waterproof flooring can be essential for water-prone areas like option “C.”  Commercial environments need to be treated as such.  Ask your sales representatives to show you commercial carpets and vinyl planking options. Fitness is best suited with rubber flooring but some replica wood and soft types of vinyl are perfect for studios for yoga.

5. What is the design you are trying to obtain?

A.) Elegant

B.) Homey

C.) Timeless

D.) Versatile

Nothing says elegant like tile floors.  This is a beautiful way to transform a room.   Carpet is a great way to give a room a homey and cozy feel.  Adding carpet in a room helps to create an inviting atmosphere to sit on the floor and watch movies.  Hardwood is a timeless flooring option that is a great design solution to add to your home.  Hardwood’s durability and look have survived the centuries because of how appealing and perfect this floor is.   Going with a Luxury Vinyl Planking is a way to find look-alike tile or hardwood replica without jeopardizing the benefits of durability and waterproofing.

It is still important to check with your sales representative to decide what flooring is best for you.  Different factors can play a role in what flooring option to choose.  Room size, location, environment, and prep work are all important to discuss prior to your investment. 

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our hardwood floor maintenance tips! Previously, we discussed how to keep your floors clean and dry, and now we will discuss further measures you can take to ensure their continued beauty.

Wear and tear were touched on in Part One of the series, but its prevention cannot be understated. Making sure that you keep your floors looking like new, will not only keep your home looking clean and bright, but it will also be helpful if you are looking to sell your home in the future. It is a turnoff to homebuyers if they notice dingy floors that may need a costly refinishing and polishing. Keep them looking great by strategically placing runners throughout areas of your home that you know to be high traffic. When placing furniture in the room, consider padding the bottom of each piece to prevent scuffs and scratches in case of slight shifting over time. Area rugs can be supported by natural rubber pads beneath them. Be sure that they have open indentations to prevent moisture from locking into the pad. An example of this would be a waffle patterned style. If you like to rearrange your furniture on occasion, this is also a helpful way to prevent fading from natural sunlight that comes into the room. Be sure to properly lift items off of the floors instead of dragging them across it. Another great way to avoid wear and tear would be to not wear shoes that would damage its surface. 

For more heavy duty cleaning, avoid products that are vinegar or soap-based as this will dull the shine of your floors and possibly leave a residue. Use products that are specifically designed for hardwood floor cleaning only. Do not use an excessive amount in the area that you are cleaning. Apply the product and wipe promptly to avoid water damage. You should be able to use this cleaner with a microfiber mop, which will be gentle on your floors while you scrub the grime away! 

Thank you for joining us for our two-part series. Check back for more helpful daily home maintenance tips!

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part One

Hardwood floors are a classic feature found in many homes around the world. Their desirability adds value and style that all buyers and sellers are seeking. They so easily add warmth to any living space and allow for infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating. In order to keep your floors looking like new so you can enjoy them for years to come, we have provided a list of some daily maintenance tips. Let’s take a look! 

Simple Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful: Part One

Your first line of defense with any flooring is keeping it as clean as possible every day. By not allowing the floors to become built up with dirt and debris, you will be saving yourself a lot of time overall. Use a microfiber broom to gently sweep away daily dirt particles that result from regular foot traffic. This will keep the floors from becoming scratched and looking prematurely worn. For areas that will be used with a frequency that may cause wear and tear in a shorter period of time, try placing mats in these spots. Not only will it be relaxing underfoot, it will keep that section of your flooring from having areas where the finish appears to be duller. If you need to vacuum the area, use only a product that is specifically designed for bare floors. Products not made for this purpose will most likely cause permanent damage to your floors. 

The next issue falls under prevention: keeping the floors dry.  Hardwood flooring can become warped and otherwise damaged if moisture were to linger in and around it. Upon installation, your best bet would be to have to floors professionally sealed. After that, when presented with a moisture issue, prompt drying is required to minimize any effects it may cause to the flooring. If possible, avoid having liquids that may cause staining from entering the area. Examples of this are wine, juice, oil and any messes that can be made by a beloved family pet. If it is not possible to prevent these items from making their way into the room, protective mats may be the most appropriate solution.

For additional hardwood floor maintenance tips, see part two of this series!

Hardwood Flooring Trends

Who does not love quality hardwood floors? They are tremendously beautiful and add character and charm into any home. Some may say that the hard part comes from selecting just one for your space. With an array of different options, homeowners have the pick of the mill when it comes to choosing their new floors. And if you are a hardwood fanatic like we are, you may be interested in learning more about hardwood trends that homeowners are currently doing. Let’s take a look! 

Popular Trends in Hardwood

1. Wide Planks + Longer Planks

Homeowners are obsessed with wide-plank flooring. This beautiful option helps to show more of the hardwood and less of the seams, in essence creating a timeless masterpiece. Longer planks can help create a more visually appealing space by making the room look continuous. If you use the two together, you can create a sophisticated and breathtaking design within your space. 

2. Low-Luster Finish

Next, we see homeowners loving a low-luster finish. A low-luster hardwood finish mimics the look of oil-finished floors without the constant upkeep. This beautiful finish keeps the traditional look of oil-finished floors while adding a modern rendition of style. Plus, they are kid and pet-friendly because they do not display as much dirt, debris, and dust as traditional hardwood floors. 

3. Reclaimed Wood.

Let’s be honest, reclaimed wood is all rage. This trendy look captivates an entire room with its rustic charm and alluring warmth. The best part about reclaimed wood is that it works in different styles of homes. Whether you are contemporary or traditional, this charming addition is a must. 

4. Coastal Colors

Everyone dreams of a coastal paradise and so do our floors. Coastal colors (white, gray, and light beige) have become a popular choice for homeowners because of its relaxing feel. This color scheme will work especially well in bathrooms and bedrooms, where you want to create a serene environment.

5. Herringbone Pattern

If you are looking for a way to display your gorgeous floors, you will want to try installing them in a herringbone pattern. This beautiful style helps to make your floors the focal point and creates a gallery-feel inside your very own home.  

Are you feeling inspired? We would love to help you with your next flooring project! Call us or visit us at one of our showrooms for more information. 


2016 Kitchen and Bath + Builder Show Jan 19-21

New Products Coming Soon to Builder Show and KBIS 2016

The combined IBS/KBIS (International Builder Show/Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) dubbed DCW (Design & Construction Week) enters its 3rd year in 2016 in Las Vegas from January 19th through January 21st. Joining the 2016 DCW event in Las Vegas are the International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) and the International Surface Event (TISE). It's a HUGE show!

When it comes to appliances, we can expect to see a continued focus on smart appliances, more import cooking brands (think Italy), and some added appliance finishes and colors.

Smart Appliances

We've been given just a few hints that more manufacturers will expand the use of technology to connect appliances to smartphones, home networks, and etc. The big question is convincing consumers to spend more for new features that they may still view as gimmicky.

New Brands

Unlike the U.S. appliance industry which is dominated by a few big brands, Europe has a wealth of brand names. In particular, there appears to be a host of Italian factories making cooking products that have been around for decades, now seeking to export their products to the U.S.

New Colors and Finishes

There has been a renaissance of pastel colors in appliances from the 50's and 60's. Buyers are showing an increased willingness to add these striking, colorful appliances in retro designs to their kitchens. Expect to see bold colors in more brands, and a continued interest in “old style” appliances. In addition, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the new black stainless steel. Photos don't really help. It's stainless steel with the stainless grain or “brush”, and it's black not shiny silver.

If you're not attending DCW this year, the event is moving to Orlando for 2017 and 2018 and returning to Las Vegas in 2019.

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A Guide for Man-Made or Synthetic Flooring Options

Educating yourself about the various options available for flooring in your home might seem like a daunting task. There are so many wonderful ways to create the perfect floor to coordinate with the overall design of a room or entire home. A smart way to go about it is to first learn the basic attributes of what makes each flooring type a smart choice. Use this guide to begin your research process. When you’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites, visit our store to learn more about each of them.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Hard glazed squares made of porcelain or ceramic. This material has been well loved and used for a few centuries because it has so many valuable attributes. It is highly durable, strong, and stain resistant. It’s available in a wide variety of colors, and if it does happen to chip or crack it’s fairly easy to replace broken pieces. (This would be an unusual occurrence because of its durability.) It’s also quite easy to clean and sterilize. Learn all about tile in our Introduction to Tile.


Carpet is made of either wool or synthetic materials. It is ideal for rooms where comfort is the number one priority. It can positively contribute to air quality by way of trapping some debris and pet dander until it can be vacuumed away. It insulates warmth well during seasonably cold weather, and it also serves to help reduce loud sounds and noise. If you would like to learn more about this, visit our Introduction to Carpet!

Engineered Wood

Engineered (aka composite wood) is manufactured by a veneer layer of hardwood overtop of several wood layers beneath. A big benefit of this material is that it can be installed fast, making it ideal for time-crunched projects. It’s easily installed over subflooring, including padding or concrete. In addition to other areas in the house, it works quite well in basements and below grade spaces because it is quite resistant to the effects of moisture. Learn more about Engineered Wood on our website.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

LVT is a synthetic polymer flooring material that is very budget friendly. It can be glued or nailed over subflooring, and it’s easy to install. It’s easy to clean and water resistant, while also being durable and flexible. Visit our Introduction to Vinyl to learn more!

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We're Arizona's leading builder distributor, and we've been here for over 70 years. While we've seen many changes over the years, a few things have stayed the same.

We're proud of our name. Arizona Wholesale Supply Company. It's been our name since the beginning. We like it and we think we'll keep it. It says a lot.

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Our mission is to serve our customers. We have locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson. We run a fleet of our own trucks from our warehouse in Phoenix, delivering throughout the Valley and in Tucson. We have our own installation crews, and even our own service department.

Our professional sales team has years of experience with all the major brands, and we have specialists in both appliances and floor coverings.

Behind the scenes we have a full staff, handling all the scheduling and logistics of ordering, billing, shipping, installing, customer service, etc.

So, that's OUR STORY. How can we help YOU?

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Why We Love Laminate Flooring For The Kitchen

Laminate flooring is small slice of genius when it comes to kitchen flooring. Its best attributes are all ideal for a kitchen that is a busy central hub in the home. It is the space where adults, kids, guests, and pets all converge and inevitably make some kind of mess. Children pour milk into the cereal bowl too fast and splash it all over the floor. Pets dance around excitedly hoping for a treat and add a lot of wear to the floor in the process. Dinner party guests accidentally tip their appetizer plate and the sauce creeps underfoot.  If this sounds like your kitchen and you’re getting ready to remodel we recommend you take a serious look at a laminate flooring option. Why?

To begin with, modern laminate flooring is designed to resemble real wood or tile and the effect is convincing. Using laminate doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and good taste. Next, a huge benefit of laminate is that it is very easy to clean. To care for it just be sure to quickly clean up any spills, sweep it regularly, and use a damp mop to maintain the luster of the surface. If you do this consistently, upkeep of the floor over time will be a piece of cake because laminate flooring is resistant to stains and scratches.

It happens to be exceptionally durable because of the way it is constructed. It is comprised of four layers that achieve both strength and aesthetics. They are: a melamine wear layer, a high-resolution photo, a dense core board, and a melamine backing layer. There is one detrimental substance that compromises the integrity of the flooring and that is dirt/sand. It is very abrasive and if it is on the floor for extended lengths of time it will scratch it.

Another benefit of laminate flooring is the ease with which it can be installed! It’s amazingly simple.  Both glue-free and glue options are available. These are applied over the subfloor and an underlayment (sometimes two underlayment layers). 

The last reason we’ll share, although there are certainly more, is the fact that there are so many options. Once you start exploring the details of this type of flooring you’ll find that it’s available in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and finishes. All things considered, it’s an excellent choice for a household where function is the number one priority in the kitchen!

If you would like to read more about this material, visit How Laminate Is Made.  Make sure to visit us online or in person if you have any questions about the process or how to get started with this amazing option for your home!

Seen at the PCBC 2015


PCBC 2015


Click on photo for intro video

Shaw Floors at PCBC2015

FLOORTÉ™: Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection from Shaw

At Shaw, luxury vinyl flooring—which we often call resilient—is our forte. So we’re calling our latest collection Floorte™.

Floorte™ is a vinyl laminate made using high-definition printing to emulate a hardwood or tile surface. Shaw's engineered FOLD N GO™ locking system makes installation easy. Floorté™ floors are not only strong and durable, but their flexible design helps conceal imperfections in the floor beneath. The high-definition printing creates a highly authentic appearance, and the hardwood designs are created to match the top species and colors of hardwood.

“You can get the wood look without the high-maintenance, a product that hides imperfections in subfloors, and an easy click system,” says Natalie Cady, director of hard surface marketing. “The fact that it’s waterproof is just icing on the cake.”

Laminate Coreboard Technology

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Known for being committed to the environment, Shaw Floors laminate options are an ideal choice for all of us who are environmentally conscious. Shaw laminates have a long life span. Replacement is something you won't even think about for many years to come.

Why Choose Laminate?

Since laminate is made to look like and even feel like hardwood, maybe you're wondering why you shouldn't just buy hardwood? Shaw floors has a great selection of hardwood floors. But, here are some reasons you may want laminate:

  1. As always, price may be a consideration. Laminate can be half the price of hardwoods. And the easier, quicker installation, can save you money, also.

  2. Even though hardwood is a “natural” product, laminate is much more durable than hardwood. It's not nearly as likely to scratch or split. It's much more resist moisture damage, and maintenance is a breeze. There's less wear and tear, and it's very resistant to spills and stains.

  3. Laminate is also versatile. Various wood grains, colors, tints and patterns are limited only by consumer demand.

Visit your nearest Arizona Wholesale Supply contractor or designer showroom for more information on flooring products.

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IBS and KBIS 2015, Design and Construction Week

A Change is Gonna Come

2015 is going to be a year of great change and growth

A Change is Gonna Come is a famous song by Sam Cooke, and when it comes to appliances, flooring, and more, Arizona Wholesale Supply is definitely going to be singing about changing and growing in 2015.

Let’s start with the new products being shown during the 2015 Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas Jan 21-23. For the first time, five separate industry shows will all be exhibiting in Las Vegas at the same time. It’s going to be a BIG show!

Design and Construction Week


  • IBS – International Builders’ Show
  • KBIS – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show
  • Surfaces – The International Surface Event
  • International Window Coverings Expo
  • Las Vegas Market – home décor, furnishings, accessories, and gifts

Exhibitors will be showing their new products and designs at three separate venues in Las Vegas. So, there are going to be thousands of people moving to and from show locations. We’ll see manufacturers demonstrating new, innovative products, and we’re also sure to see more “connected” home products than ever before.

We’ll be able to operate smart appliances by smart phone or tablet. In turn, your appliances will also be able to communicate with you, warning you when a refrigerator door is left open, notifying your when your oven has finished pre-heating, or when it’s time to replace a refrigerator water filter. And that’s just the beginning.

Check this blog and our facebook and twitter pages often from Jan. 21 – Jan. 23, for live bulletins from Design and Construction Week.

The really big news in the appliance industry was actually announced in 2014 when Electrolux announced it was acquiring GE’s Appliance division. Now, in 2015 we’ll get to see some changes as Electrolux takes control of GE appliances, and along the way may become the largest appliance company in the World. More to come…for sure. As Sam Cooke wrote: A Change is Gonna Come.


GE Appliances

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