Translucent Stone Creates Magic

Stone can feel strong and timeless. It creates an old-world mood in a home.   Recently, an alternative approach to stone has developed for bathrooms that take advantage of some stones’ translucent abilities. Onyx and alabaster allow light to travel through them, providing the opportunity for your countertop or sink to literally shine.

This striking Arizona Wholesale installation demonstrates the potential for using onyx. Lights set under the counter and sink provide a soft glow that warms the space and creates a unique style.

The vessel sink seems as though could be from some ancient archeological dig. The faucet and towel holder stay with that theme with their style and the oil-rubbed bronze finish. Notice also the mirror. The frame matches the other metal pieces in the room, retaining that ancient-days approach.

The cabinets are a simple style in light wood with basic bronze knobs. This keeps the vanity from distracting from the amazing countertop and sink.  The special lighting can be connected to the standard bathroom lights so that they come on automatically, or they can have their own switch.

With the increase in vessel sink installations, wall-mounted faucet options are more available. No one wants to put holes in an amazing sink like this one. The sink and faucet together strike a balance of shape and color.

Vessel sinks come in a variety of materials. Some are stone such as this one, but pottery, metal and other materials are also used. If you want a bathroom that stands out from the ordinary, you might consider a vessel sink in a beautiful translucent stone.

The Right Approach Creates Unique Bathroom

Most guest bathrooms have a standard look – some tile, an inset sink, and typical bath faucet in shiny chrome. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want your guest bath to grab the attention of your visitors, how about taking some design chances?

We recently installed this bathroom and were pleased enough with the final look to post this photo on our website’s gallery. Let’s dissect what choices blend to create this inviting space.

Sink: Bowl sinks have been gaining in popularity. This choice is hand-thrown and glazed pottery in a mix of blues. By avoiding pastels and choosing colors that are soft but still significant, the sink becomes the focal point of the bath. Notice how the top edge moves from curved to straighter. This helps the sink stay relatively splash-proof if someone gets carried away with the water, a good design element.

Countertop: The unusual shape and dimensional colors of the stone chosen for this counter top complement the sink. The natural and variegated stone plays well against the rustic pottery bowl. The darker shades in the stone pick up the darker blues in the sink also. Notice that the stone’s darker colors are more focused as the sink nears, helping to support its stand-out position in the bathroom.

Faucet: A standard bathroom faucet doesn’t have the clearance for this high sink. Common choices include wall-mounted faucets or a more old-fashioned option such as this one that resembles an old pump. Given the style of the room, rustic is a good choice. The oil-rubbed bronze also creates the feel of past days.

A wood-framed mirror that matches the cabinetry and a few black-and-white photos complete this bathroom’s design. And instead of a stock look when people walk into this restroom, they will see a bath developed with careful thought that reflects the taste of its owner.

Beautiful Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks need to be functional there is no doubt about that. Bathroom sinks can be also be beautiful and almost sculptural unlike kitchen sinks that must fit pots and pans. Bathroom sinks, especially in powder rooms, can be unusual sizes and shapes and still function as we need them.  The wide variety of bathroom sinks available on the market today is testament to the desire to have something beautiful and functional in the bathroom.


Depending on the square footage and floor plan of your bathroom you may opt for a pedestal sink, wall mounted sink or sink and vanity combination. A bathroom sink with vanity is the classic set up for the bathroom. This doesn’t mean that this combination is staid and boring. Vessel sinks continue to be a popular option for the bathroom sink. Having a vessel sink can shrink the size of the vanity, or create more counter space.


Other popular sink options are to have the sink and counter be of the same solid surface. As seen in this bathroom sink, continuing the same material from backsplash to counter and even the sink creates a seamless design. Since all of these elements are stone, you could continue the stone onto the floor for a cohesive overall room design.


Bathroom sinks can be stone, metal, ceramic or glass. The shape and form of the sink are only limited by your design imagination and the space allocated for the sink. Choose the right sink for your style and bathroom needs for the best results.