Going Bold with Color

7591100_SSometimes in decorating, as in life, you have to break the rules. Most designers and retailers will tell you to buy your big investment pieces of furniture in neutral colors that will withstand the test of time. Neutrals like white, cream, tans, beiges, greys and browns are the typical colors for sofas, love-seats and chairs. But what if you aren’t a neutral kind of person? What if you don’t always follow the rules?

Going bold with color on your furniture is something that can bring your personality into your home décor.  If you wear a lot of color in your clothes and accessories, living in a home decorated in neutrals just won’t seem like you.  A red sofa might better suit your taste and personality than a neutral grey sofa.

Bold color can be painted on the walls or a single accent wall. Or you can go bold on the floor with patterned area rugs, carpet tiles or paint.  There is no limit to where you can put color. Even color on the ceiling can work. Just like furniture, walls and floors do not have to be neutral.  Accessories like lampshades, pillows, throws and objects are more ways to bring color into the room.

Of course if you do go bold with color, you’ll want to create balance so your space isn’t too overwhelming. White is a great way to balance bold color. And if you get tired of tired of the colorful furniture, you can always cover it with a white slipcover.

The Return of Colorful Appliances

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.33.53 AMSome of you may remember when appliances had names like Harvest Gold and Avocado. The colorful appliances of the mid-century ranged from aqua of the 1950s to the harvest gold of the 1970s.  For many decades appliances often came in white, off-white, and black. Then the stainless steel craze arrived.  Now we’re seeing a return to color on appliances ranging from washers, to stoves, to dryers, and to refrigerators.

Adding a colorful red washer and dryer suite to your laundry room can change the functional room into a stylish space. Coordinating the flooring tile or area rug with the appliance color will create a cohesive design you might find in elsewhere in the house but is unexpected in the laundry room.

Kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders, and even coffee makers have been available in colors for a few years now. A brand of stand mixers is known for their quality and rainbow of colorful hues. Larger appliances are beginning to follow this trend in Europe and now this trend is coming to the States.

A suite of kitchen appliances in bright colors can be intense. A single appliance in a bright shade would be a great accent and conversation starter. A range or wall oven in a bright orange or red would look great in a contemporary kitchen featuring other stainless steel elements and appliances. A deep navy stove in a traditional kitchen would add color but not be too garish.  There are so many colorful options should you choose to be bold with colorful appliances.

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