Placement of New Appliances

Giving Your Appliances Some Space of Their Own

Bad things can happen if you don’t give your appliances the space that they need. Here are the most common occurrences of crowding an appliance.

1. You should not install a range or cooktop flush against a side wall. For sure, you don’t want to do this with a gas range or cooktop. Manufacturer directions are going to warn against it because of the fire hazard resulting when the flame from the gas burner is that close to a flammable wall. I’d argue that it’s also a bad idea to install electric ranges or cooktops against a side wall. Even if there isn’t a safety issue, it makes the two elements next to the wall not so useful for larger pots and pans.

2. Make sure that refrigerator doors swing open more than just 90 degrees. They need to open wide enough not only to give you access to the refrigerator’s contents, but also to allow inside drawers or compartments to slide out. Take into account that a protruding refrigerator handle bumping up to an adjacent wall may prevent a refrigerator door from opening far enough to grant full access to the refrigerator’s contents.








3. Corner installations of appliances can prevent adjacent doors or drawers from opening. For example, the dishwasher below might have worked just fine in this design if it had a recessed handle. However, the adjacent drawer cannot be opened in this instance.

I once showed this dishwasher quandry to a designer friend of mine. She quickly pointed out the cause of the problem. “This is the reason we have CKD’s. It’s a designer’s job to make sure that this doesn’t happen.”

Of course, there are sometimes tradeoffs to be made. Consider the refrigerator below. The refrigerator protrudes into the kitchen aisle. A counter-depth refrigerator could have been purchased instead of the full-depth model shown below, but they cost more and do not store as much food. It’s up to the customer, but it’s the salesperson or designer’s job to advise the consumer and let them make the decision.






For the best advice on purchasing major appliances consult a professional such as the sales advisors at Arizona Wholesale.

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Important Appliance Features

Get Appliances Worth Owning

Don't dismiss the bells and whistles on your appliances.

Appliance Suite

One of the most frequent comments that appliance salespeople hear from customers is, “I just want something basic. I don't want to pay for a lot of bells and whistles.” It's about equivalent to telling a car dealer that you want a new car without a radio, no power steering, and a stick shift. Most of those “bells and whistles” on appliances include features such as a permanent press cycle on the washer, automatic (sensor) drying on the dryer, or a china cycle on the dishwasher.

Sadly, some appliance manufacturers do still manufacture these advertising loss leaders that barely do the job. Don't be fooled by some of the national chain appliance ads with prices that seem too low to be true. Stripped down models are just that. They often lack essential features that you'll eventually regret not having.

Sometimes appliances are designated as builder models. These may be designed for homebuilders who are intent on purchasing the lowest price appliance just to fill a space. They may not care about saving energy features or functionality. If you're buying an appliance that is a builder model, be sure to have the salesperson review the features with you so that you know what you are getting.

When moving up the food chain in appliances it is a good idea to start looking for models at least 2-3 models up the line to get something with at least minimal functionality.

None of this means that you can't get a good deal on your next appliance. Just be aware, that you generally are going to get what you pay for. One way to save money is to check for discontinued models, model home returns, or products with small but not noticeable blemishes.

Range Lineup

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