Simple Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet – Part 2

Part 2 – Style

Ok now that we know if your clothes are relevant to your life, let’s talk about personal style and functionality. These additional tips will be immensely helpful with your closet purging project!

Is it my style at this point in my life? This one is especially important. Dressing is a way of making a huge statement about who you are. No matter how well something fits or how expensive it was, if it doesn’t feel like “you,” let it go. The only thing worse than it not showing the world who you are, is when it actually detracts to the point that you don’t feel like yourself at all while wearing it. 

Along those same lines, ask yourself – Do you feel good when you wear it? Clothing has a massive impact on the way we convey outward confidence. If it makes you feel average at best, toss it. Even if it’s you still consider it “your style.” Buy new stuff that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Is it a classic that will always be in fashion? If so, and it’s your size, and you love it, keep it. Timeless style looks chic and effortless and should always be a staple part of your wardrobe.

Has it gone out of style? If so, is it a style that will likely be en vogue again in the future? Keep in mind that nearly all styles resurface at some point. Except for uber trendy period pieces. So if you think it’s a safe bet to hang on to it, just make sure it passes the size test we mentioned above.

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Simple Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet

Part 1 – Is it currently relevant to your life

Women are notorious for closets that are bursting with apparel, but in most cases they are only wearing about half of it on a regular basis. We’re all guilty of saying, “I don’t have anything to wear,” while staring at a closet chalk full of clothing. The problem lies, in part, with not knowing what needs to replaced or filled in.

If you were to get rid of all of the garments you don’t actually wear you’d have a much better of idea of what you need to buy on your next shopping trip. Here’s a handy list of questions to help you clean out your closet fast, so you can create an immediate excuse for saying, “I simply must go shopping! I don’t have a thing to wear!” What woman doesn’t want to be able to say THAT good conscience?

Does it fit? If it’s within one size either direction you can keep it because our weight fluctuates all of time. For example, if you’re a size 8, and you have things you like and will wear when a size 6 or 10, go ahead and keep them. But get rid of anything that’s off size more than that.

Have you worn it within the last 12-18 months? A lot of organization experts recommend making this judgment based on just the past year. However, there are events and occasions that happen less frequently and they often require a specialty garment. So give yourself and 18 month window, but then be strict with getting rid everything you haven’t worn for longer than that.

Does it have sentimental value? If so, but you don’t actually wear it you can still keep it. However, it now belongs in a box with your other keepsakes. Not clogging up your closet and brain when you’re trying to get dressed for the day.

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PCBC 2015

What is the PCBC?


Launched in 1959 as a small educational conference at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco, PCBC is now an annual two-day conference, product display and business exchange and is open to anyone professionally involved in the building industry, including builders, developers, architects, remodelers, designers, contractors, dealers/distributors and suppliers/manufacturers.


In the past, PCBC was an acronym for “Pacific Coast Builders Conference”. Over time the name became an inaccurate reflection of the audience, as the show now draws attendees from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 25 other countries. Today the show is known simply as PCBC.

PCBC alternates each year between San Francisco and San Diego and has been endorsed as the official show of Leading Builders of America (LBA), whose membership includes 21 of the largest publicly and privately held homebuilders in the nation.

This year the PCBC is being held in San Diego on June 24th and June 25th. Many builders and designers from Arizona attend the PCBC, and many manufacturers of products distributed by Arizona Wholesale Supply will be exhibiting at the PCBC.


PCBC Exhibit Floor

Among the exhibiters at PCBC, two exhibit prize winners winners came from the appliance category:

Viking Range, LLC: Viking Professional TurboChef Oven
Whirlpool Corporation: Whirlpool® HybridCareTM Heat Pump Dryer

Some of the manufacturers supplying Arizona Wholesale Supply that will be exhibiting at this year’s PCBC are:

  • ClosetMaid
  • DalTile
  • Electrolux
  • GE Appliances
  • Shaw Industries
  • Viking Group
  • Whirlpool

We’ll be attending and reporting back on what’s what and who’s who at this year’s PCBC. Look forward to seeing you there! Check back here often for updates on PCBC 2015.

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Closet Space

January is a great time of year to organize the home.  One area that never gets enough attention — the closet!  Usually the place to stash items that are a problem, the closet can be overlooked when organizing the house. 

Our closet systems can help you get organized in every room of your house! We offer both Closet Maid and Schulte Products for your custom design. Our team will come to your home, measure your space and design a storage solution just for you!

Working on a new-build? We can take the measurements right from your house plans! With two brands to choose from you have many design choices and functionalities available to you. From wire shelving to melamine, white to mahogany, laundry hampers to shoe shelves, double hanging to single hanging; the options are endless! Contact us and we can get started on a design just for you! 

Get Organized in 2015

Garage Cabinets and Closet Organizers

Garage and Closet Organizers

Ideas for getting your space organized.

It’s that time of year isn’t it? Time to get organized for the big year ahead. But, do you have the right layout in your space to really make things work? Arizona Wholesale Supply can help.

With closet organizers and garage cabinets we can make your space look and work like you’ve only dreamed of. Arizona Wholesale Supply offers high quality garage cabinets and closet organizers for your new house, or as an important add-on to your existing home.

Closet Organizers

Closet Organizers

Available in pre-selected packages with a good, better, best configuration or as a custom layout, you can select from different materials and colors, in different configurations. You’ll be able to make your closets beautiful, and place your entire wardrobe at your fingertips.

Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets

Take your garage from the most disorganized room in your house to a sparkling masterpeice, where there’s “a place for everything, and everything is in its place”. Even your car will look better, in your newly organized garage!

Be sure to call or visit the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply, and make an appointment to get the built-in closet organizers or garage cabinets that you need to get and STAY organized in 2015.

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Arizona Wholesale Supply and Mattamy Homes

Featured Builder: Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is Canada’s largest home builder, with operations across Canada and the United States. In the United States, the company is represented in five metropolitan areas: Minneapolis, Charlotte, Phoenix, Jacksonville and Orlando.

Communities in Arizona include:

  • Goodyear – Palm Valley North
  • Buckeye – Verrado
  • Mesa – Eastmark
  • Mesa – Granite Ridge COMING SOON!
  • Peoria – Crosspointe
  • Peoria – Desert Vista in Vistancia
  • Peoria – Westland Heights in Vistancia
  • Surprise – Marley Park Estates
  • Surprise – Marley Park Heritage

Mattamy is involved in every aspect of neighborhood planning, from acquiring the land, designing the homes and striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The 750 people who work in Mattamy’s divisions and professional disciplines are committed to providing the best homeowner experience; Mattamy is universally recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction, and continually ranks at the top of most homeowner satisfaction surveys.

Design Center Services

With a host of products and services, Arizona Wholesale Supply offers home builders the ability to provide their home buyers a one-stop shopping experience that works best for builder and the buyer. Here’s how this works for Mattamy Homes Arizona division.

At a dedicated Mattamy Homes Design Center featuring a wide array of products from Arizona Wholesale, experienced design consultants working with scheduled appointments guide new home buyers through the selection process. From new appliances and floor covering, through cabinets, countertops, lighting, and even window treatments, buyers can colorize and compare to get just the right combination for their lifestyle and their budget.

Take a tour through the design center below:


For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Five Ideas for an Organized and Stress-free Closet

Let us face it. Our closet is one of the things that most of us face every day. Wouldn’t it be great if it were organized so you don’t encounter a stress filled morning rummaging through all the stuff inside your closet? There is hope!

Here are five ideas for an organized and stress-free closet.

  1. Declutter. Look through all the clothes in your closet and decide which goes and which stays. You can even donate these extra clothes to charity. Your trash can be someone else’s treasure.
  2. Categorize. Group your clothes together so you can allocate certain areas of your closet for certain items. For example, group all of your t-shirts, blouses, coats, underwear, etc and then allocate a certain space for each group. By doing this, you can find things easily as each group of clothes are together.
  3. Organize your clothes per season. You will not wear your winter jacket during summer time, right? So organize your clothes per season and store in your closet only those clothes that you can wear for that season and keep the out of season clothes in a separate closet. This can also help create extra room in your closet.
  4. Customize. It will even be better if you can get the service of a contractor, like Arizona Wholesale Supply, who can customize a closet for you. These contractors will go to your home, measure your space and design the best closet for a more efficient storage solution.
  5. Start a habit. Once you are done organizing your closet, make it a habit to at least check and re-organize your closet at least three or four times a year. Otherwise, it will just pile up again with new clothes that you have acquired during the year and you will end up with a chaotic closet again.

Your closet is a very useful storage space and it can help make your life easy if you implement an effective closet organization. Visit the Arizona Wholesale Supply website to find out more about our terrific closet organization systems.