Colorful Appliances in 2017

Choose Stainless Steel Appliances or GO BOLD

Red Bertazzoni

We've been following and reporting on appliance colors for years. Here's one from 2015:

Appliance Colors Over a Lifetime

And now here's an update for 2017:

Modern major appliances trace back to the Post WWII era. In the 50's nearly all major appliances were white. Later pink and turquoise began to make their mark, and were popular throughout the 60s. In the 70's Harvest Gold, Avocado, and Coppertone were popular. They eventually morphed into Harvest Wheat, Fresh Avocado, and Coffee. Almond was added and became very popular through the 80's though appliance manufacturers tried to mix things up with 2 new colors that failed miserably – Silver and Sand.


Harvest Gold Drop-In Range

Now, we're in the middle of a resurgence of color choices in appliances. BlueStar, a specialty cooking products manufacturer offers over 250 colors and finishes. Italian appliance manufacturer, Bertazzoni, also has a wide selection of appliance colors. Meanwhile, Viking Range Co. offers a smaller, manageable selection of colors.

To keep things in perspective, here are the results from a 2016 survey by Houzz:

“A whopping 75 percent of those surveyed were going with stainless for the new appliances in their updated kitchens. (White came in at 10 percent and black at 8 percent.)”

Most new appliance sales come from either new home sales or one off replacement sales. Buyers purchasing from production home builders are offered a very limited selection of popular colors. For individual appliance replacement sales, buyers will try to match the appliance color with their existing kitchen appliances.

We might be able to go with White, Black, or the popular Stainless Steel, including some smudge proof Stainless Steel options. GE offers a very interesting and competitively priced appliance finish, Slate. KitchenAid and now some other brands are offering a new appliance finish/color Black Stainless Steel. Mostly black in color, but with the grain and hue of stainless steel Black Stainless Steel is gaining steam. Samsung's Black Stainless Steel is somewhat shiney gray/black and others are more black with the stainless finish visible through the black..

The Big Three appliance manufacturers: Whirlpool, GE, and Frigidaire/Electrolux don't build appliances in Ferrari Red, or Pantone's color of the year for 2017 Greenery. But, if we only looked at the top 5-10% of appliance sales we'd likely find luxury brands that offer more variety in color selections.

BlueStar Range

BlueStar Range

Here are some colorful finshes on Houzz:

Colorful Finishes

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Let Your Unique Elements Shine

These pieces are all unique – some because of age, others clearly come from other countries. When it’s time to decorate around pieces such as these, some careful planning will allow your special elements to shine in your home rather than look out of place.

Rather than think that all these pieces need to be in some “odd stuff” corner, use them to set off your more standard furniture and accessories. Take a look at the tall chest and the ceramic horseman. These suit each other well. If you have an entryway, these two pieces would be an interesting introduction to your home. You could add a mirror with a dark frame in a simple design to bring all the pieces together.

The two candlesticks have a strong presence, so look for a place where they are in proportion to the furniture. They also would work well on the floor, or someplace such as a fireplace hearth. You could separate them but put them close enough together that they are still seen as a pair. The lanterns are from a different era but serve the same purpose. Put them in a different room.

To add color and style, look for an area rug to bring additional warmth into your home. An oriental style would work well with many of these pieces. The painting is a lovely heirloom and beautifully framed. It could crown a fireplace or stand out above a sofa. Experiment with the best location.

With a little thought, your unique furniture and accessories, whether inherited from Aunt Martha or picked up on a trip to another country, can add interest and charm to your home. Take advantage of your good fortune to add those special elements.