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We've had several blogs over the last four years on the merits of using detergent pods for laundry or dishwasher loads. There are reasons for choosing the pods, and we've argued both against the detergent pods and in favor of them.


We've also consistently complained that the companies selling detergent pods shouldn't make them in bright colors that might easily be confused with candy by children.

Safety Warning – Laundry Detergent Pods – May 2012

Detergent Pods a Safety Hazard

Now, it appears that this issue is continuing to evolve. In fact, Consumer Reports has withdrawn their support for detergent pods because of the danger to children.

The problem with laundry detergent pods.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, just in the first 4 months of 2016, nearly four thousand kids five and under have been victimized by exposure to detergent pods.

“Some children who have gotten the product in their mouths have had excessive vomiting, wheezing and gasping. Some get very sleepy. Some have had breathing problems serious enough to need a ventilator to help them breathe. There have also been reports of corneal abrasions (scratches to the eyes) when the detergent gets into a child’s eyes.” – AAPCC

In addition, the National Capital Poison Center has stated, “Biting into laundry detergent pods can cause serious injury or even death.”

Unfortunately, the detergent manufacturers have not addressed the pods candy-like appearance, and have instead decided to make the detergent containers more difficult to open.

So, use your discretion, but CR and others are now recommending against the detergent pods, at least in any households with children.

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Detergent Pods a Safety Hazard?

Liquid Detergent Pods Look Like Candy


Liquid detergents are increasingly being packaged in see through bit-sized pods that look like candy, and they are being ingested by children.

We originally wrote here in 2012 that this was becoming a safety issue.

Safety Warning – Laundry Detergent Pods

It appears that this danger has only become worse. Despite considerable publicity, concerns from Federal safety agencies, Consumer Reports, and poison control centers, over 17,000 reports of children ingesting the chemicals in the packets were reported in 2012-2013. Children can become sick in a matter of minutes after ingesting the contents of these packets.

As a result, legislation was introduced yesterday to force detergent companies to follow stricter requirements with respect to single serve liquid detergent packs. The bill was introduced by Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois who stated that parents need to do their part in keeping the packets away from children, but that companies can also do more to make their products safer by,

“making the design and color of packets less appealing to children, strengthening the water-soluble outer layer, and adding proper warning labels are common-sense protections for consumers similar to those for countless other household products,” he said in a statement. “We can still have convenience without sacrificing safety for children and families.”

Co-sponsor of the bill, Congresswoman Jackie Speier from California said,

“Toxic, concentrated detergent should not look like candy. It is irresponsible to market a product that is so unsafe to children.”

We recognize that these detergent pods are a great convenience, though we're unsure why they need to be made to look like candy. Regardless, we urge those who have children around to please be careful to keep these products away from the reach of children.

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