Mattamy Homes Testimonial

Mattamy Homes Testimonial

Our team at Arizona Wholesale just LOVES getting testimonials from our customers. This testimonial is a little different. It's a testimonial from a new home buyer at one of our valued home builder customers, Mattamy Homes. We're delighted to supply Mattamy Homes with a great selection of Whirlpool and KitchenAid appliances, and to also represent Mattamy Homes through our unique Design Center center services. Here's what this home buyer had to say about their purchase experience:

I don’t often write letters of appreciation, but wanted to let corporate know how nice it is to meet such wonderful people who work for Mattamy…….from Lynn Lott and Mike Collins, to Mary Kay the design consultant, all the way to Paul and Bryan, the “builders”……………….you can tell immediately that the Mattamy organization is “picky” about hiring these folks …………….EVERY ONE we have come in contact with has been nothing but gracious………….and you have no idea how much that means on the consumer end of the deal…………………………I hate to say it, but customer service in every industry is at an all time low, and your people here in Tucson are certainly the exception……………….to the person, they have been accommodating, friendly, eager to answer the myrid of questions, etc. etc. Even the sub- contractors are so nice………when you do a drive-by they all wave, and seem so happy and enthusiastic about their jobs!

Kudos to all the Mattamy folks in Tucson, and the Arizona Wholesale team members who helped these customers along with their home buying experience.

If you're one of our builder customers, contractor, remodeler, designer, or end user home owner email us a note, and attach a photo if possible. You may be the next happy buyer featured here!

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Customer Testimonial

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am writing in response to the most excellent customer service I have received in a very long time from a business. Specifically, I would like to mention first and foremost Ms. Susan Bradley, who was very instrumental in helping to resolve a difficult stone ventilation problem I had in my kitchen and allow me to have the install of the  “hood of my dreams” which I found in the liquidation area of your location on University Drive. Due to the way my original home builder limited the type of hood ventilation we could install, we were so extremely limited in what we could choose that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a solution that would work perfectly with our beautiful KitchenAid appliances….If it weren’t for Susan I’d be stuck with some cheap model with no power, which is what I was trying to replace. I can’t emphasize how her innovative thinking allowed us to make the choice we truly wanted. She took some extra time to research solutions, and now, thanks to her our new kitchen is complete! She is one of a kind!

In addition to Susan’s great research and helpfulness, she arranged for your installers Jose and Art to come out today and do the installation of my “perfect hood”…I was so impressed with their work…They had to do some improvising, and it all came out so professionally done! They had some great ideas f their own, and once everything was installed to my liking, they even took the time to clean up their work area and shine up my new stainless steel KitchenAid Hood… it is just beautiful. One again, your installers were kind, helpful, cheerful, and very professional….they really knew what they were doing!

You have a great staff….I hope you will acknowledge them. That’s what keeps a great staff!

I am so impressed with your company, and suffice it to say I’ll look no further for my appliances in the future.

Thanks very much!!

Donna L. Coiro

PS I wanted this hood installed as a surprise for my husband for our 22nd Wedding Anniversary, and Susan and your installers did everything they could to make that happen for me. I appreciate it so much!