New iLive Majestic Range from Italy

Italian Brand Available at Arizona Wholesale Supply

iLive Majestic Ranges have endless possibilites


When you purchase an iLive Majestic Range you can customize it the way you want it. Dual Fuel Ranges, for example come in 60″ 48″ 40″ 36″ and 30″ widths. All Gas ranges come in 36″ 30″ and 24″ widths. In the example below, you can see the many options you have in customizing YOUR new range.

Dual-Fuel ONLY – 40” Dual Fuel Range with up to 6 semi-sealed burners and a Multi-Function European Convection oven and Standard Electric Oven. Rotisserie and Full-width Warming Drawer are standard features. French Top and Removable Griddle are also available.

Cooktop Options

• BBQ Grill
• Fry Top Cover
• Chopping Board
• Steam Basins
• Bain Marie – SS Basin
• Cast Iron Steak Pan

Standard Colors:

•Stainless Steel, True White, Matte Graphite, Antique White, Burgundy Red, Midnight Blue, and Emerald Green


•Oil Rubbed Bronze*

Custom Colors

•Choose from over 200 colors.


•Griddle Top
•French Top

More Options

•Upper Handrail Style

Optional Extras

•Vent Hood
•Warming Shelf

To explore the iLive Majestic appliance line from Italy contact the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.

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Five Ideas for an Organized and Stress-free Closet

Let us face it. Our closet is one of the things that most of us face every day. Wouldn’t it be great if it were organized so you don’t encounter a stress filled morning rummaging through all the stuff inside your closet? There is hope!

Here are five ideas for an organized and stress-free closet.

  1. Declutter. Look through all the clothes in your closet and decide which goes and which stays. You can even donate these extra clothes to charity. Your trash can be someone else’s treasure.
  2. Categorize. Group your clothes together so you can allocate certain areas of your closet for certain items. For example, group all of your t-shirts, blouses, coats, underwear, etc and then allocate a certain space for each group. By doing this, you can find things easily as each group of clothes are together.
  3. Organize your clothes per season. You will not wear your winter jacket during summer time, right? So organize your clothes per season and store in your closet only those clothes that you can wear for that season and keep the out of season clothes in a separate closet. This can also help create extra room in your closet.
  4. Customize. It will even be better if you can get the service of a contractor, like Arizona Wholesale Supply, who can customize a closet for you. These contractors will go to your home, measure your space and design the best closet for a more efficient storage solution.
  5. Start a habit. Once you are done organizing your closet, make it a habit to at least check and re-organize your closet at least three or four times a year. Otherwise, it will just pile up again with new clothes that you have acquired during the year and you will end up with a chaotic closet again.

Your closet is a very useful storage space and it can help make your life easy if you implement an effective closet organization. Visit the Arizona Wholesale Supply website to find out more about our terrific closet organization systems.