Simple Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet – Part 3

Part 3 – Functionality, Appropriateness

In this final installment we are discussing whether or not your clothes are functional and if they are appropriate to the current demands on your life.

Does it need repairs? For how long has this been the case? If it’s gone unrepaired for more than three months it isn’t likely that you’re going to bother. Or, if you love it, then get it repaired right away so you can put it back in rotation. Just don’t leave it hanging and waiting. This includes tailoring, buttons, hole repair, seam tightening, professional stain removal, re-heeling shoes, and polishing shoes.

Is it worn or tattered looking? No matter how much you like the style, it’s not a keeper if it looks old and dingy. This includes snags in silk or sweaters, pilling, holes, unraveled threads, stains, loose seams, over stretching, and dull color.

Is it appropriate to your lifestyle? By this we are referring to life changes that aren’t likely to be reversed. One example is transitioning from being young and single to caring for children and running a household. In this case a closet full of nightclub dresses isn’t likely serving you very well. Another example is transitioning from raising a family to reentering the workplace. In this case the comfort clothes such as yoga pants and sweatshirts need to give way to suits, slacks, and blouses.

Would you buy it today if you didn’t already own it and you saw it for sale at the store? In most cases all of the aforementioned advice will be enough to make a judgment call. But if you encounter a garment that still perplexes you (meaning you’ve had it hanging in front of your face for more than five minutes,) use this test. If you wouldn’t buy it, then that means you don’t really like enough to keep it.

Simple Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet – Part 2

Part 2 – Style

Ok now that we know if your clothes are relevant to your life, let’s talk about personal style and functionality. These additional tips will be immensely helpful with your closet purging project!

Is it my style at this point in my life? This one is especially important. Dressing is a way of making a huge statement about who you are. No matter how well something fits or how expensive it was, if it doesn’t feel like “you,” let it go. The only thing worse than it not showing the world who you are, is when it actually detracts to the point that you don’t feel like yourself at all while wearing it. 

Along those same lines, ask yourself – Do you feel good when you wear it? Clothing has a massive impact on the way we convey outward confidence. If it makes you feel average at best, toss it. Even if it’s you still consider it “your style.” Buy new stuff that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Is it a classic that will always be in fashion? If so, and it’s your size, and you love it, keep it. Timeless style looks chic and effortless and should always be a staple part of your wardrobe.

Has it gone out of style? If so, is it a style that will likely be en vogue again in the future? Keep in mind that nearly all styles resurface at some point. Except for uber trendy period pieces. So if you think it’s a safe bet to hang on to it, just make sure it passes the size test we mentioned above.

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Getting a home ready to sell.

Six home improvements that will pay off.

Real Estate Signs

Real estate prices are on the rise. It could be a good time to get your house ready to sell. Here are a few things that you can do that have a great ratio of cost to benefit.

yard landscaping
  1. Landscaping improvements. What is the curb appeal of your house? The saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression holds true for your home as well. At a minimum make sure that the plants and lawn are trimmed and edged. Your yard must look as good as and preferably better than your neighbors' yards. It's also amazing the difference that some fresh flowers in a planter can make.
  2. Paint. If your house is all neutral colors consider an accent wall. If you have a lot of brightly colored rooms, consider repainting in neutral colors. Ideally your house should be mostly neutral colors so that prospective buyers don't feel that they are going to need to spend a lot of time painting. An accent wall or two will help offset the drabness of an all beige home.
  3. De-clutter. Remove objects from countertops, desks, coffee tables, and end tables – especially personal items. Remove pictures, and items from bookshelves and wall shelves. Remove family pictures or personal items.
  4. Clean-up and touch up. Don't forget to clean windows inside and out. Paint and touch up molding. Fill cracks. If necessary hire a professional to make sure all the little things that need fixing are taken care of. You should not have any leaky or corroded faucets or fixtures.
  5. Accessorize. A few dollars spent on colorful new throw pillows, bed covers, and duvets can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of your home.
  6. Consider kitchen remodeling. You may be able to realize the biggest increase in the value of your home, if you can budget for a new kitchen. Even if all you can do is replace the white or black appliances with stainless steel, potential buyers will consider this a big plus. If your neighborhood is full of homes with standard white and black appliances, think of the positive impression that you will make on potential buyers. They've been looking at standard appliances all week, and then they see your house with upgraded stainless steel appliances. SOLD!!

For advice and ideas on appliance upgrades that won't brake your budget, check with the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply. Don't forget that they also have a huge inventory of closeouts and discontinued models, that might work well to upgrade your kitchen.

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Five Ideas for an Organized and Stress-free Closet

Let us face it. Our closet is one of the things that most of us face every day. Wouldn’t it be great if it were organized so you don’t encounter a stress filled morning rummaging through all the stuff inside your closet? There is hope!

Here are five ideas for an organized and stress-free closet.

  1. Declutter. Look through all the clothes in your closet and decide which goes and which stays. You can even donate these extra clothes to charity. Your trash can be someone else’s treasure.
  2. Categorize. Group your clothes together so you can allocate certain areas of your closet for certain items. For example, group all of your t-shirts, blouses, coats, underwear, etc and then allocate a certain space for each group. By doing this, you can find things easily as each group of clothes are together.
  3. Organize your clothes per season. You will not wear your winter jacket during summer time, right? So organize your clothes per season and store in your closet only those clothes that you can wear for that season and keep the out of season clothes in a separate closet. This can also help create extra room in your closet.
  4. Customize. It will even be better if you can get the service of a contractor, like Arizona Wholesale Supply, who can customize a closet for you. These contractors will go to your home, measure your space and design the best closet for a more efficient storage solution.
  5. Start a habit. Once you are done organizing your closet, make it a habit to at least check and re-organize your closet at least three or four times a year. Otherwise, it will just pile up again with new clothes that you have acquired during the year and you will end up with a chaotic closet again.

Your closet is a very useful storage space and it can help make your life easy if you implement an effective closet organization. Visit the Arizona Wholesale Supply website to find out more about our terrific closet organization systems.