Ways To Update Your Space

Is your interior tired looking? If so there are some easy ways you can spruce it up! You do not necessarily need to redecorate the entire space.

Rearrange shelves, china cabinets and book cases. Simply rearrange the items. If you like you can add or remove items to give your space a more updated look. Play around with various mixtures of items while rearranging.  This will ensure that the end result is your favorite.

Re-evaluate your color palette. You may need to streamline your colors by using white or another monochromatic color with only one or two pops of color. Use patterns with care. If you are using a bold pattern, keep other patterns and textures more subdued.

Emphasize vertical lines. This will elongate your ceiling height and make your space feel larger. One way to achieve this is to hang mirrors vertically. Install drapery that hangs down to the floor. This will give the appearance of a higher ceiling and a polished look. Once hung, you can let the drapery hang naturally or use interesting tiebacks. This method can also be used for shower curtains to produce a new look in the bathroom.

Organize your stuff. If you have items sitting out, find a particular place for them. For example, keep smaller items in decorative baskets or boxes or use a tray to keep television remotes together. Once you have organized clutter, your space will look updated and clean.

Switch around your accents. For example move smaller tables from one room to another and see how they look. Swap out accent pillows and throws from one room to another. Move rugs around within the room. Play around with your furniture layout. This is a great way to achieve a fresh look!

Hang new artwork or switch out artwork from one room to another. The end result of these exercises is to breathe new life into a tired space. It is much easier to do than one would imagine. Have fun and think outside the box, then enjoy your new interior!

How To make DIY Glitter Light Switch Covers

It’s the details that really bring a room together! If you’re in the process of decorating a super glamorous room or a room for kids, don’t call the project done until you’ve added glittery light switch plates. This project is cheap and easy, but it has a big impact.


  • Flathead screw driver
  • Tacky glue
  • Craft glitter
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Clear acrylic spray coat
  • Paper plates or newspaper

Glitter is messy so lay down something to protect the surface you’re working on. Newspaper is a common favorite, but paper plates work much better. They will catch all of the loose glitter and keep it within the rim of the plate. They also make it easy move the finished project to a different place while it dries, so you can clear your workspace for your next project. They prevent glitter mixing, too, if you are going to create more than one switch plate and use different colors on each.

Remove the switch plate from the wall using a flathead screwdriver and clean it, or buy new plates. Using a foam paint brush, start by coating the switch plate with tacky glue. Do this thoroughly and evenly, not forgetting the sides and edges. Next, sprinkle generously with glitter. One color will be sparkly but also understated. If you want more excitement, get creative and try using more than one color. You can mix them in light layers, or you can create designs by sprinkling them separately in various areas around the switch-plate.

Once the plate is completely covered in glitter lightly pat the glitter to ensure it sticks. Pack it toward the edges and sides as well. Slide the screwdriver gently under the edges of the switch plate to ensure it doesn’t dry stuck to the paper plate. Allow it to dry completely – refer to the back of the glue bottle for times. We recommend at least three hours. Once it’s dry, pick it up and shake vigorously to ensure that any loose glitter falls away. You might want to tap off the bulk of it into the plate, then step outside to wave it around a bit and get rid of the rest. Last, go to a well ventilated area and spray it with an acrylic clear coat to set it permanently and give it a finished, glossy look.

Arizona Wholesale Supply and Mattamy Homes

Featured Builder: Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is Canada’s largest home builder, with operations across Canada and the United States. In the United States, the company is represented in five metropolitan areas: Minneapolis, Charlotte, Phoenix, Jacksonville and Orlando.

Communities in Arizona include:

  • Goodyear – Palm Valley North
  • Buckeye – Verrado
  • Mesa – Eastmark
  • Mesa – Granite Ridge COMING SOON!
  • Peoria – Crosspointe
  • Peoria – Desert Vista in Vistancia
  • Peoria – Westland Heights in Vistancia
  • Surprise – Marley Park Estates
  • Surprise – Marley Park Heritage

Mattamy is involved in every aspect of neighborhood planning, from acquiring the land, designing the homes and striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The 750 people who work in Mattamy’s divisions and professional disciplines are committed to providing the best homeowner experience; Mattamy is universally recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction, and continually ranks at the top of most homeowner satisfaction surveys.

Design Center Services

With a host of products and services, Arizona Wholesale Supply offers home builders the ability to provide their home buyers a one-stop shopping experience that works best for builder and the buyer. Here’s how this works for Mattamy Homes Arizona division.

At a dedicated Mattamy Homes Design Center featuring a wide array of products from Arizona Wholesale, experienced design consultants working with scheduled appointments guide new home buyers through the selection process. From new appliances and floor covering, through cabinets, countertops, lighting, and even window treatments, buyers can colorize and compare to get just the right combination for their lifestyle and their budget.

Take a tour through the design center below:


For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Bring Fall Colors Inside

10686078_SOutside nature is beautiful. Shades of copper, burnt red and shimmering gold sparkle in the sunshine. Why leave all those lovely colors outside, why not bring them inside and bask in the splendor of fall indoors?

If you have a neutral themed home this is a no brainer. Bring in some faux greenery such as forest green leaves, golden gourds, orange pumpkins, multi-colored flowers, bushes, vines and interesting branches with bright-red berries. A colorful bouquet in the foyer will welcome visitors and immediately convey the friendly ambiance of your home. Perch other autumn arrangements on the fireplace mantle.

For the kitchen, put out bowls of mini-pumpkins, charming little gourds, fresh vegetables, oranges and lush red apples. Don’t forget to hang a welcoming fall wreath on your front door. Buy a pre-made one or design your own from artificial flowers, fruit, pinecones or any other variety of nature’s bounty.

Pull out a cozy throw and some vibrant throw pillows in cranberry red, velvety gold or deep chocolate. Switch your breezy summer curtains for the heavier tapestries of fall. Consider hanging autumn theme prints on the walls. A well-placed piece can bring fall’s unique charm into a room in a moment. Don’t forget to change out your candles. It’s time for the reds and oranges to replace the summer pinks and whites.

Fall is the perfect time to redress your home and yard for cooler weather. Warm colors will “cozy-up” your home psychologically and permit you to keep the thermostat down a little longer. Whether you make temporary changes or more permanent ones, enjoy the wonderful palette that this season provides. Let its reds and greens carry you right on into the holiday season.

Decorating with French Flea Market Style

8721679_SShopping in Paris is a dream for decorators and design lovers. Wandering around Paris flea markets, finding antiques and treasures, and decorating your home with your finds might not be a possibility for you. But this doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home in French flea market style.  There are many online resources that import French antiques as well as local merchants and flea markets that have similar furniture and objects to the French markets.

French flea market style is an eclectic style that mixes antiques, salvage and garden decorations to create a romantic, nostalgic style room.  Imperfections are welcome as they show age and give character to furniture and objects alike.  Flea market finds in art work can decorate your walls with beautiful still life or anonymous portraits.  Transforming finds into something new is also a hallmark of French flea market style. For example, a wood urn can be turned into a table lamp.

French grays and beiges create a neutral but sophisticated palette. Pale wood floors or painted wood floors work well with this style, as do faded antique or vintage rugs.

Look at blogs and magazines that feature French flea market style for inspiration. Build your collection one piece at a time for a beautiful room inspired by the flea markets of Paris.

International Flair

This room takes advantage of a number of international elements while still providing a comfortable contemporary space. If you’re fortunate enough to have travelled and collected art and other items from a number of countries, take the opportunity to use them to add personality and your own touch to your home.

The wood floor and cream walls provide a good base for the variety of colors and textures featured in this room. Simple architectural elements such as the black molding and the wood surround on the door provide additional charm without distracting from the rich selection of international elements. The straightforward sofa, coffee table and ottoman also work well as a backdrop to the more design-rich pieces.

Let’s start with the light fixture. Most people wouldn’t think of buying a light as a souvenir from another country, but this unique look helps to set the stage for the room’s design.

Give up the idea of having elements match each other. When you purchase international goods, everything will be different, so celebrate that. Take a look at the two candlesticks on the coffee table. On the left an old carved wood carries a red taper that sets off the rich patina of weathered wood. On the right an intricate brass candlestick carries a warm cream candle. Similarities come from the rounded shapes and heights, but the differences work.

The throw pillows are in basic domestic fabrics, but they provide an opportunity to bring in textiles from other countries in the future. A rich area rug could be purchased here in the U.S. or possibly selected from a Turkish bazaar. When you begin with a good basic look of wood floor and earth-tone furniture, you can add those exciting international elements and make your home intriguingly yours.