13 Awesome Tips For Decorating a Teen Boy’s Room

It seems that decorating a teen boy’s room is bit more challenging than a teen girl’s room. Perhaps because teen girls are often attracted to things easily translated to décor. Boys, however, frequently like things that don’t necessarily bring decorating to mind. The trick to decorating a boy’s room lies within his hobbies, not unlike a man cave, which typically contains interest-based accessories.

In order to pull off this project with finesse, we suggest focusing on ways to rethink the obvious. For example, one of our suggestions below incorporates a sports jersey. Rather than simply frame it though, we offer the idea of using it to make a pillow! The more creatively you can use the things your teen boy already likes, the more impressed he’ll be. They’re naturally appreciative of innovation so you might even get lucky, and hear the words, “Mom! This is SO cool!”

  1. A headboard made of t-shirts featuring favorite sports teams, music artists, etc.
  2. Lampshade painted to look like a car race track.
  3. Well-made paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling with invisible thread.
  4. A rock climbing wall in a room with high ceilings.
  5. DIY bookends comprised of two pieces of wood attached at a right angle, with a baseball glued to the base.
  6. Mount skateboards on the wall to replace standard shelves.
  7. Pillow made of sports jerseys (the back of the shirt should be the front of the pillow).
  8. Large wall transfer of an admired icon, for example, a poet or scholar.
  9. Mount multiple flat screen TV’s so he can enjoy a movie in the background while playing video games, or watch more than one televised sports event at once.
  10. Attach rope to balls that are no longer being used (soccer, basketball, baseball) and hang from the ceiling.
  11. Aerospace accessories such as vintage crop dusters suspended above the bed.
  12. Paint a small racetrack that curves along an entire wall and then attach little toy cars.
  13. Hang plants and vines from the ceiling then suspend stuffed jungle animals from the ceiling.