Hi-Tech Appliances for Your Home #1

Wi-Fi Enabled Wall Ovens and Ranges

Interested in Hi-Tech remote control enabled appliances? Several appliance manufacturers have introduced remote controlled appliances that take advantage of 21st century computer technology to make your appliances “smart”. This might mean an appliance with a temperature probe that’s accessible remotely or even appliances that can be controlled remotely from miles away using wi-fi on either an iPhone or Android device. Here are three brands that have jumped into wireless enabled ranges and ovens within the last couple of years, GE, Dacor, and now Viking. Jenn-Air is getting ready to launch a wi-fi enabled oven, and others are sure to join.

GE Brillion

GE Brillion

GE Brillion is a wi-fi app that communicates with either iPhone or Android, and can be used to pre-heat your oven, get an alert when the food is ready, or adjust the temperature from your easy chair. GE was early to show a wi-fi enabled oven, and the Brillion app seems to be practical and designed to have wide appeal.

Here’s how GE describes this capability:

Get the GE Brillion App For Hands-On Convenience and Peace of Mind

Turn your smart phone into a remote control for your WiFi Connect appliances! Get the GE Brillion app for your Android or iPhone, and you’ll be able to change appliance settings, keep an eye on your appliance status and cycles, and get maintenance alerts—all from your mobile device!


Dacor Discovery IQ


Dacor’s Discovery™ Series Wall Oven and 48″ Range both come with a 7″ LCD glass touch screen panel. It’s a high-tech experience from the 1GHZ processor to stereo sound, and complete Wi-Fi connection capability through the built-in Discovery IQ Controller that enables users to research new recipes or view demonstrations throught their home Wi-Fi network. The oven will even text you when your food is cooked. Here’s how Dacor describes the Discovery™ IQ:

The IQ eliminates the guesswork associated with preparing popular dishes and family recipes by way of a pre-programmed guide. It enables users to prepare a wide range of dishes to perfection with the touch of a finger. Simply select the desired recipe from the display menu, insert the dish, initiate the program and relax as the oven takes care of the rest.


iDevice Accessory


Viking has taken a different approach by offering an accessory from iDevice that has a meat thermometer connected to a separate digital temperature readout that can be accessed remotely by Bluetooth® via an Apple or Android device. The iDevice enables Bluetooth® monitoring from up to 200 feet away.

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Oven News at Arizona Wholesale Supply

New 2015 Wall Ovens

Bosch New Ovens Include Side Swing Models

Bosch first previewed their new line of wall ovens at the International Builder Show(IBS) in 2014. Now, the ovens are available for shipping. The line features a flush look and includes side-swing ovens in your choice of left or right swing, and of course the traditional top opening oven configuration. See them at Arizona Wholesale‘s Scottsdale Showroom or Check out the link below.

New Bosch Ovens.

Dacor Discovery IQ Wall Oven


Dacor’s industry first Discovery iQTM wall oven not only has all the features that have made Dacor famous such as Pure Convection, and a reverse air flow cooling system to keep the oven door cool to the touch, but the iQTM feature also introduces new technology and an Android™ interface that provides home chefs with remote access to the proprietary Dacor iQ Cooking System.

Viking TurboChef and Viking French-Door Ovens



Viking Range, has adopted speed cooking technology from its parent company, MIddleby, to introduce:

The fastest residential oven in the world; the Viking Professional TurboChef™ 30″ W. Double Oven.

The TuboChef™ boasts the ability to cook as much as 15 times faster than using traditional methods, and provide superior results as well.

French-Door Oven


Viking has added a 30″ wide French-Door Double Oven to its existing oven line. As highly-featured as the existing Viking oven line, the French-Door model has the added convenience of a pair of side swing doors on the upper oven. This is one of many oven features that is being converted from the commercial oven business into the Viking Professional built-in ovens for the home. The French-Door feature makes the oven easy to open with one hand (the other door will then open automatically), and gives up close access with no pull down door being in the way.

Find out more about the new Bosch oven lineup, the Dacor Discovery IQ Cooking System, and the Viking TurboChef as well as the Viking French-Door oven. Call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.

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