Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

20992975_SBathrooms are one of those rooms that seem clean for a minute and then get dirty very quickly. Here are a few tips for keeping your bathroom looking sparkling and fresh.

Take a moment each morning to wipe down the sinks and counter tops with a terry cloth towel. Wipe down the facets in your shower and bath as well. This will help prevent soap scum build up and mildew.

Make sure you close your shower curtain completely after you are done. Squeegee your glass shower walls after each use. Hang your wet towels on hooks instead of folding them up and putting them on towel rods.

Turn on the fan in your bathroom for at least 30 minutes after a shower. This helps prevent mildew from forming.

If you like to take baths, especially using bath products, use a mildly abrasive cleaner and wash your tub after each use.

Prevent mildew from growing in your grout, as grout is porous. Use a cleaning solution of 10 parts water to one part bleach. Scrub your grout with a soft bristle brush.

Every couple of months give your pipes a good cleaning. Pour ½ cup baking soda followed by ½ cup white vinegar down your drains. Let this mixture stand for a few minutes – be aware that it will foam. Then follow up by pouring boiling hot water down the drain. This will remove greasy residue and wash away any clogs.

White vinegar and water are your friends for removing soap scum. Just be sure to wear gloves when using this mixture and rinse the solution away completely.

Wash your shower liner regularly in the washing machine. Be sure to promptly take it out when the cycle is finished and rehang so it can dry properly.

Chlorine bleach or white vinegar are great alternatives to commercial toilet bowl cleaners. Don’t mix the two, use one or the other. Let sit in the bowl for an hour and then scrub with a toilet brush.

Run bath toys and shower puffs through the dishwasher to sanitize and remove bacteria.

And finally, go green. Check your supermarket for “green” cleaning supplies.

Concrete Floors with a Modern Flair

Concrete is a perfect material to use for flooring because it is very durable and very easy to maintain. But when we say concrete, many of us think of the plain grayish floor that we often see in a basement or garage. But thanks to recent trends in flooring, that plain concrete can now be turned into works of art, thanks to the technology called “acid staining.”

With acid staining, concrete is treated with a special acidic solution that soaks into the concrete to chemically change it to create different patterns. These patterns are long lasting and it does not fade or peel like paint. Thus, with acid staining, your possibilities for the design of your flooring are practically endless. You can create different looks for your concrete by selecting different style, texture, pattern and design to match the overall decoration of your home.

Here are some patterns and ideas that you can choose if you opt to acid stain your concrete flooring:

  1. You can make your concrete look like any type of stones use for flooring like granite, marble, slate among others.
  2. Acid staining can also make your concrete flooring looks like tiles dividing the floor into a pattern of squares or rectangles.
  3. You can also transform your flooring into marvelous works of art as you can create pop art or geometric images with acid staining.

Remember, flooring is the most important element that any homeowner should give focus to as it sets the overall decoration theme that you want for your house. And thanks to new flooring trends like acid staining, you can now create gorgeous, functional and durable flooring for your home. Visit the Arizona Wholesale Supply site to find out more about our acid staining services.