Appliances as Family Communication Center

There is little doubt these days that in the U.S., our kitchens have become a family gathering place. U.S. homes have been designed with an open kitchen concept for many years. (In France a kitchen without a door is called an “American kitchen”). Entertaining and conversations always seem to generate outward from the kitchen. Meals are now consumed at a kitchen peninsula or island, and the kitchen is now referred to as the heart of the home. So, it’s only natural that appliance manufacturers would seek to leverage this trend with products that fit consumers habits of treating the kitchen as the heart of the home. 

Refrigerators have long been THE place to leave messages. Now, Samsung has introduced a refrigerator that they’ve dubbed as the Family Hub. Featuring a 21.5” digital screen, this fridge is loaded with high tech features inside and out. The screen not only has a white board for scribbling notes, it’s wi-fi connected so you can stream music from Pandora, listen to podcasts, and check your Google or Outlook calendar. There’s more, much more – you can even keep watching the game by streaming from your Samsung TV in the living room. Of course, this is the logical place to keep your shopping list. The Samsung Family Hub makes it easy – you don’t even have to open the door since there are 3 cameras inside the refrigerator. In fact, you can check the contents when you’re at the grocers using the Samsung app. To learn more about the new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, visit the Arizona Wholesale showroom in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tucson.

If you’d rather not use your refrigerator as a communications center, this fall GE is introducing their own kitchen hub placed over the range (it doubles as a vent hood).

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Merry Christmas!

Please allow us to wish you and your family a safe and beautiful Christmas day filled with warmth and love.  Merry Christmas!

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The Determined DIY Diva – Circle of Light Hula Hoop Chandelier

“It’s all good until someone gets hurt,” is the old saying, and it’s an apt way to describe the initial enthusiasm behind DIY décor projects. They look so pretty online, and once you’ve read the tutorial you’re certain that anyone could pull it off. So, to the store you go. Alas, by the end of the day you’ve discovered that DIY is a true challenge and you’re staring at mess that was meant to be a thing of beauty.

Our advice? Don’t take no for an answer! Keep trying and eventually you’ll create works of art. Truly beautiful and unique projects are for those gals who don’t give up. Resist the urge to return to the world of retail in search of something lovely to add to the home. Forge ahead instead and you’re sure to find success eventually.

Cheery chandelier

If sleek, polished outcomes are your goal in DIY you might want to skip this project. Its intent is a whimsical, far less than perfect outcome that sells itself on its unique character. If you love whimsy and ambient light, though, you will love this idea. The perfect location is a teenage girl’s room or a party decoration for any age!

The only materials are a hula hoop (yes, a hula hoop!), several yards of pretty transparent ribbon, and white Xmas lights on a white wire. Buy a neutral colored hula hoop or one that is a color close to the color scheme of your room. Wrap the entire hula hoop in a layer of ribbon and secure it with hot glue. Tie one end of eight pieces of ribbon at an even spacing around the hula hoop. This is how it will hang from the ceiling.

When it’s time to hang it you will bring them all together at their ends, tie them in a knot, and hang the “chandelier” from a central point on the ceiling. To turn your ribbon hula hoop into a chandelier, wrap strings of white Xmas lights around it. Try the icicle style lights because they will dangle elegantly rather than look like tightly wrapped wires. When your hula hoop chandelier is complete, hang it up, plug it in, and gaze at it adoringly!

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

During the fall months, meals become heartier for most families.  But with busy schedules, not everyone has time to make complex meals.  This recipe for Chicken and Dumplings is a filling and warm but requires very little time and is ready for you when you walk in the door! Imagine the stress of your day rolling off your shoulders as you finish your busy day and walk into your home to the smell of a meal. 

Pair this with a crusty loaf of bread and a side salad for a wonderful home-cooked meal tonight!


  1. 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
  2. 1 can of Chicken Broth 14.5 oz.
  3. 2-10 oz. cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
  4. 1 can Creamed Corn
  5. 1 can of Biscuits 16.3 oz.
  6. 1/2 White Onion chopped
  7. 1/8  tsp. Garlic Powder
  8. 1/4 tsp. Salt
  9. 1/4 tsp. Pepper



Place the chicken breast in the crock pot. Cover chicken with broth, soup, creamed corn and chopped onion. Sprinkle on the garlic powder, salt and pepper then place the lid onto the crock pot.

Cook on high for three hours. After three hours, spoon the chicken out of the pot and shred it, using two forks. After the chicken is shredded place it back into the crock pot.

Cut the biscuit dough into bite size pieces. Place biscuit pieces in the pot and cook on high for an hour.

Now you are ready to serve this delicious comfort food!

Sunscreen Tips

Spring and summer are the seasons that people usually worry about protecting themselves with sunscreen. The truth is, sunscreen should be worn every day of the year! You should be staying on top of your sunscreen game to keep you and your family healthy.

Kids are the most difficult when allowing you to apply sunscreen to every inch of exposed skin. They are impatient and will put up a fight to keep from having the cream applied to their skin. It can be a real struggle to apply sunscreen around and under the eyes. This area is where the skin is really thin and delicate. This delicate skin burns easily and needs to be protected from the sun. Purchase a tube of lip balm that has at least 25 SPF and is waterproof. Apply the lip balm under and around your child’s eye. This kind of sunscreen will not drip or burn the eye. It will stay on great and is super easy to apply.

The non-toxic spray-on sunscreen is popular for the kiddos. If you use this type of application, make sure you rub it in after spraying it on the skin so that the entire surface of the skin is protected evenly.

Sunscreen that contains zinc works the best. Zinc reflects the sun rays rather than allowing your skin to absorb the sun’s damaging rays. This ingredient can be found in many adult and baby sunscreen products.

Look for sun protection contained in makeup products. Everything from foundation to lip balm or lipstick now contain sun protection.  Many mineral makeups include 15 SPF or higher, and the mineral powder will not clog your pores.

Remember to wear sunscreen every day in any season. If you or your children are out in direct sunlight, make sure you re-apply sunscreen every hour. Play safe in the sun and have fun all year long!

Back to School – How To Boost Your Teen Daughter’s Confidence Before She Returns To Campus

Even though every girl has her own style and preferences as to how she dresses and decides on her appearance, there are things you can do for any teenage girl to help her feel confident going back to school.


First, about a month before school starts, buy her a skin care system to help clear up any acne that has newly appeared on her face. Bad skin is one of the most embarrassing things that teenagers have to contend with and it affects their self esteem in social situations. The reason for starting one month ahead of time is to give the skin time to react treatment.


Two to three days before school starts take her to get her nails done. Having a nice manicure will pull together her look, and it will give her confidence when meeting people and shaking their hands. If your daughter scoffs at the idea of painting her nails a color, still take her to get a basic manicure because her nails should at least be cut and clean. If, on the other hand, she favors an expressive style, she might like to have acrylic nails applied so her nails look longer and fancier.


Next, take her to get her hair done. Like the manicure, this can include complex and fancy treatments such as highlights or all over color, or it can just be a simple trim. It is important, though, to at least get a basic trim so that her hair looks neat and clean.


If your teen girl wears makeup this is also the time to update her makeup bag. Help her buy products that look natural and age appropriate. Also buy waterproof and 24-hour types of makeup so it lasts the whole school day. Primer for under her foundation and powder for over it will also help the makeup stay in place as well.


Finally, buy a nice scented lotion or subtle perfume because smelling pretty boosts confidence as well. Then, send her off to school with a hug, a smile, and well wishes for a fabulous year ahead!

Simple Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet – Part 2

Part 2 – Style

Ok now that we know if your clothes are relevant to your life, let’s talk about personal style and functionality. These additional tips will be immensely helpful with your closet purging project!

Is it my style at this point in my life? This one is especially important. Dressing is a way of making a huge statement about who you are. No matter how well something fits or how expensive it was, if it doesn’t feel like “you,” let it go. The only thing worse than it not showing the world who you are, is when it actually detracts to the point that you don’t feel like yourself at all while wearing it. 

Along those same lines, ask yourself – Do you feel good when you wear it? Clothing has a massive impact on the way we convey outward confidence. If it makes you feel average at best, toss it. Even if it’s you still consider it “your style.” Buy new stuff that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Is it a classic that will always be in fashion? If so, and it’s your size, and you love it, keep it. Timeless style looks chic and effortless and should always be a staple part of your wardrobe.

Has it gone out of style? If so, is it a style that will likely be en vogue again in the future? Keep in mind that nearly all styles resurface at some point. Except for uber trendy period pieces. So if you think it’s a safe bet to hang on to it, just make sure it passes the size test we mentioned above.

Next read Part 3 – Functionality and Appropriateness

13 Awesome Tips For Decorating a Teen Boy’s Room

It seems that decorating a teen boy’s room is bit more challenging than a teen girl’s room. Perhaps because teen girls are often attracted to things easily translated to décor. Boys, however, frequently like things that don’t necessarily bring decorating to mind. The trick to decorating a boy’s room lies within his hobbies, not unlike a man cave, which typically contains interest-based accessories.

In order to pull off this project with finesse, we suggest focusing on ways to rethink the obvious. For example, one of our suggestions below incorporates a sports jersey. Rather than simply frame it though, we offer the idea of using it to make a pillow! The more creatively you can use the things your teen boy already likes, the more impressed he’ll be. They’re naturally appreciative of innovation so you might even get lucky, and hear the words, “Mom! This is SO cool!”

  1. A headboard made of t-shirts featuring favorite sports teams, music artists, etc.
  2. Lampshade painted to look like a car race track.
  3. Well-made paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling with invisible thread.
  4. A rock climbing wall in a room with high ceilings.
  5. DIY bookends comprised of two pieces of wood attached at a right angle, with a baseball glued to the base.
  6. Mount skateboards on the wall to replace standard shelves.
  7. Pillow made of sports jerseys (the back of the shirt should be the front of the pillow).
  8. Large wall transfer of an admired icon, for example, a poet or scholar.
  9. Mount multiple flat screen TV’s so he can enjoy a movie in the background while playing video games, or watch more than one televised sports event at once.
  10. Attach rope to balls that are no longer being used (soccer, basketball, baseball) and hang from the ceiling.
  11. Aerospace accessories such as vintage crop dusters suspended above the bed.
  12. Paint a small racetrack that curves along an entire wall and then attach little toy cars.
  13. Hang plants and vines from the ceiling then suspend stuffed jungle animals from the ceiling.

7 Ideas For Kids 4th of July Party

It’s time to start planning an awesome party for the kids! What better time to have some summer fun than the ultimate holiday for being outdoors? We’re guessing you already have the menu and decorations planned for your event, but there’s a good chance you haven’t yet planned out the games. The best part about summer is that it has an easy going vibe that makes life seem breezy and fun. As such, planning for a party shouldn’t feel like a big burden! To help you along we’re sharing seven quick ways to create a super day of play!

  1. Squirt gun tag. Provide the squirt guns and place a large bucket of water in the middle of the yard for use as an easy refill station.
  2. Prior to the party, let the kiddos paint empty tin cans red, white, and blue. Then on the big day stack them in a pyramid. Provide a lightweight ball, such as a wiffle ball, and let the bowling shenanigans begin.
  3. Buy neon light-up necklaces at a party supply store. Shortly before the party light them up and attach them end to end. Drive a stake into the ground and play a game of glow in the dark ring toss.
  4. Serve red, white, and blue cupcakes filled with Poprocks. Have your camera ready!
  5. On the morning of the party give your kids plenty of sidewalk chalk. Instead of asking  them to “keep busy” using it, tell them you need their help to decorate for the party. They’ll feel very important accomplishing the task of sidewalk decorator!
  6. Set up an American flag relay race. Fill extra large red and blue buckets with sand and handheld American flags on sticks. Each member of the relay team has to grab a flag and bring it back to a teammate.
  7. If you have a yard full of rocks make a game of it. Tell the kids they can each select 3 rocks (they like picking things out.) Then provide red, white, and blue paint and brushes.