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FLOORTÉ™: Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection from Shaw

At Shaw, luxury vinyl flooring—which we often call resilient—is our forte. So we’re calling our latest collection Floorte™.

Floorte™ is a vinyl laminate made using high-definition printing to emulate a hardwood or tile surface. Shaw's engineered FOLD N GO™ locking system makes installation easy. Floorté™ floors are not only strong and durable, but their flexible design helps conceal imperfections in the floor beneath. The high-definition printing creates a highly authentic appearance, and the hardwood designs are created to match the top species and colors of hardwood.

“You can get the wood look without the high-maintenance, a product that hides imperfections in subfloors, and an easy click system,” says Natalie Cady, director of hard surface marketing. “The fact that it’s waterproof is just icing on the cake.”

Laminate Coreboard Technology

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Known for being committed to the environment, Shaw Floors laminate options are an ideal choice for all of us who are environmentally conscious. Shaw laminates have a long life span. Replacement is something you won't even think about for many years to come.

Why Choose Laminate?

Since laminate is made to look like and even feel like hardwood, maybe you're wondering why you shouldn't just buy hardwood? Shaw floors has a great selection of hardwood floors. But, here are some reasons you may want laminate:

  1. As always, price may be a consideration. Laminate can be half the price of hardwoods. And the easier, quicker installation, can save you money, also.

  2. Even though hardwood is a “natural” product, laminate is much more durable than hardwood. It's not nearly as likely to scratch or split. It's much more resist moisture damage, and maintenance is a breeze. There's less wear and tear, and it's very resistant to spills and stains.

  3. Laminate is also versatile. Various wood grains, colors, tints and patterns are limited only by consumer demand.

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Making the Right Design Choice – Part 2

When you’re choosing flooring, narrowing down your choices and making the final decisions can be a real challenge. If you’re concerned about handling this process, let us provide you with a couple of steps to make deciding easier for you.

Studies show that people find it much more difficult to choose from among 30 choices than five or six. If you’re looking at more than six or eight options and it’s hard for you to narrow them down, you can use this next approach to trick your mind into looking at fewer options at a time. Take your final selections and separate them into sets of two. Then, looking only at one set a time; choose one of the two to keep in your stack. Have your salesperson run off with the other ones before you start second-guessing. By the time you finish, you will have cut the options you’re considering in half. Repeat as necessary until you only have three or four choices left.

If you’ve narrowed down your choices and are still having trouble, it’s time to try decision tactic number two – reverse decision making. Instead of picking the one you want, eliminate the one, or two, or three you don’t want. Of your final choices, one of them will stand out as the one you can’t eliminate. That’s your best choice.

Remember, all of your selections will look beautiful in your home. Don’t think of this as a source for stress but an opportunity for fun.

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