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Having more than just a few years in appliance sales, I've often had the impulse to do some minor repairs on my own appliances. It never went well. For example, replacing a refrigerator door gasket seemed like an easy job, but in my case it turned into a nightmare. Did you know that in the process of replacing a gasket, you may have to remove and re-install both the door and the door liner? Not a fun experience. Here are some tips to save you time and money:

1. Be certain of your diagnosis.

What's the problem? Refrigerator not cooling. This can be many things. If your use and care manual doesn't help, you might be able to get a repair manual and/or a parts list from your nearby appliance parts house. It's not always possible, but it is so much better if you know what needs to be fixed or replaced before you start taking things apart.

2. Learn what you need to do before you begin.

Review online help pages and videos that demonstrate the process. There are many YouTube videos by appliance service companies and appliance manufacturers demonstrating common repairs.

3. Assemble the necessary parts and tools in advance.

Nobody wants to remove a refrigerator and freezer door, only to find out that there is a broken plastic part on the hinge assembly that also needs to be replaced, and by the way, the part is on backorder. Order all the parts you might need, just in case.

4. Clear your work area in advance.

If you're working in the kitchen, at a minimum you'll need a floor mat, a few small boxes or trays for saving screws, bolts, clips or other small parts that need to be re-attached later, and a place to put large parts such as doors, etc. Make a list so you know the order in which you removed parts, and can replace them in the reverse order. In some cases, its better to remove the appliance from the kitchen entirely and take it out to a workshop or garage if you have this option.

5. Have a backup plan.

If you get stuck, be ready to call a friend for help, use the nearby coin laundry until that backordered part arrives, and as always… count on your friends at Arizona Wholesale Supply to save the day with a new appliance!

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Garage and Closet Cabinet Systems

Cabinet Systems for New Homes

From Arizona Wholesale Supply

Let's face it, moving day is not much fun. Don't make it worse by moving into your new home with no place for garage storage and no way to organize your clothes closets. For only a few dollars a month, you can have cabinet systems installed your garage and closet organizers in your bedroom before your move into your home.

Arizona's largest builder distributor, Arizona Wholesale Supply, now offers new home builders a top quality line of cabinet systems for garage storage and closet organization. These are custom built systems designed specifically for each building plan. They're fabricated locally and can be installed and ready for new home owners when they move into their home. If you're purchasing a new home, ask your home builder how you can get new garage cabinet systems and closet organizers from Arizona Wholesale Supply.

Garage Cabinet Systems

  • Economical, yet high quality
  • Custom choices – 3 grades to fit every customer's budget and needs
  • Color and handle options
  • Optional framed pegboard storage solution
  • Lifetime warranty

Closet Organizers

  • Custom designed and built for each closet configuration
  • Floor or wall mounted
  • Full extension drawers
  • Upgraded hardware
  • Color and design options – 3 levels for different budgets and needs

New home buyers

Ask your design consultant for garage storage and bedroom closet organizers.

New home builders

Call your Arizona Wholesale Supply sales associate or Bill Parks at 602 258-7901 to find out more about garage cabinets and closet organizers.

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Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

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