Laptop Ergonomics and Healthy Work Sessions Part 1

Part One – Adults

Long gone are the days when everyone typically sat at the same desk everyday to get work done. Many people now work on the go, finding spaces in coffee shops and airports where they can accomplish a quick 30 minute work session. The result? Terrible alignment of the posture and strain on the joints.  Read on to learn how to sit properly to ensure that your body doesn’t suffer for the convenience of working anywhere you choose.  

Sitting in comfy, plush chair, with computer on lap

Working in this position forces your body completely out of alignment. You will find yourself leaning forward and thus rounding your upper back. The laptop will tilt backwards because it’s top heavy, and this places strain on your knees because you can’t keep feet side by side. Remedy: Sit up straight and put a cushion behind your lower back. Scoot your rear further back in the chair so can rely on the support. Bring your feet together side by side and create a ninety degree angle at the knees. Last, place a book under the laptop so it is balanced.

Sitting in a low chair at a table that’s too far away

Sitting this way causes you to lean forward considerably. The result is a pronounced curve in the upper back, also known as hunching. Remedy: Sit up straight enough that you can achieve a ninety degree angle at the midpoint between your shoulder and elbow on both sides. Try different chairs if necessary until your elbows no longer fall below the edge of the desk. Then, scoot the chair in far enough for your knees to slide under the table. Once in this position you will no longer be able to see the computer screen, so set the laptop on a stack of books that high enough for your laptop to be in your direct line of vision. Use a wireless keyboard to accommodate the adjustment.

New Appliance Idea: Urban Cultivator

NEW PRODUCT: Urban Cultivator

Available Soon at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Grow what you want with your own indoor home garden. You can have year round fresh herbs, micro-greens, flowers, and veggies thanks to this amazing appliance. Don't worry about watering or climatic conditions. The Urban Cultivator Residential takes care of providing the proper amount of moisture and light using its built-in computer interface, that also operates onboard fans to control humidity and air circulation.

urban cultivator

Urban Cultivator Residential

Urban Cultivator 2

The Urban Cultivator Residential is an all in one indoor home garden. You get 365 days of perfect growing conditions for all of your favorite herbs and veggies. No more soggy super market herbs going bad in your fridge… just fresh crisp herbs from your very own garden.

Fresh Greens For Your Family

Fresh greens cut right from your Urban Cultivator Residential carry twice the nutritional value of store bought greens. Plus you know there are no chemicals or pesticides in your food.

With the Urban Cultivator Residential's four grow flats you can feed your whole family fresh crisp herbs straight from your kitchen every single day. It truly is the “Zero Mile Diet”.

See the Urban Cultivator Demo

Watch the Urban Cultivator Residential work and the options available in our product tour video below:


Choose from a stand alone Urban Cultivator Residential on wheels or a built in “dishwasher-style” option that fits seamlessly into your existing kitchen.

Urban Cultivator Freestanding

The Urban Cultivator Commercial is already at use right here at the Phoenix Sheraton Hotel. See Video below:

Urban Cultivator at Phoenix Sheraton

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3 Myths about Self-Cleaning Ovens

Exposing online myths about self-cleaning ovens.

Myth #1 – Self-cleaning your oven creates a high risk for a service problem.

One blogger advised that when you use the self-clean cycle on your oven there is a great risk of the oven failing. She knew this because people often complained online that their oven failed after self-cleaning.

Think about this for a minute. Online is a place where people often go to express their dissatisfaction. There are millions of self-cleaning ovens in use. Suppose that the overwhelming majority of those ovens have been cleaned a number of times with no problem. How many of those successful cleanings do you think get reported online? “Oh, I just cleaned my self-clean oven and it worked. I better go online and post this to the world!” No – you expected it to work. That's not news. But if it fails, you want EVERYONE to know what a bad oven you got from XYZ.

Self-cleaning ovens are designed to be cleaned. If there was a serious performance problem on self-clean ovens manufacturers would be all over it because they absorb the warranty expense. There's simply no supporting evidence to the notion that using the self-cleaning cycle in an oven will cause the oven to fail.

Myth #2 – Self-cleaning ovens are big energy wasters.

It is true that when you put your oven through a self-clean cycle it does use some electricity. One electric utility figured about a dollar for each cleaning. Another quoted $0.35. However, others maintain that because of all the heat during a cycle, self-cleaning ovens do have more insulation than non-self-clean ovens and therefore use less energy during normal operations. In any case, the cost of self-cleaning an oven appears to be less than the cost of a can of oven cleaner notwithstanding some of the outrageous claims made by the uninformed.

Myth #3 – Self-cleaning ovens are health hazards.

If you happen to be a tropical bird, this is true. Birds cannot deal with the fumes coming out of a self-cleaning oven and should be taken outside or to a room away from the kitchen during the self-clean cycle. Humans are safe, but the kitchen does warm up so I cleaned my oven in the middle of the day when there wasn't much going on in the kitchen and opened a window.

For information on cleaning your self-cleaning oven, check out the You Tube video below:


We'll also be posting videos on ovens that come with a steam-clean option and those with Whirlpool's new AquaLift cleaning mode.

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Miele Event at Arizona Wholesale Supply

AZ Wholesale Supply, Scottsdale

Miele Lunch and Learn

March 20th from 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.
15125 N. Hayden Road Ste. 117
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

RSVP: Patti Wells – or 480 596-0092 prior to March 18, 2013

Download Invitation: Miele Lunch and Learn

Learn about the latest in luxury appliances, including the extraordinary Miele Steam Oven
The entertaining experience has never been so easy
Miele Steam Oven

Ease of Use

Masterchef Controls
Miele’s steam oven guides you step-by-step to making the perfect meal, cooked at the exact temperature for the right amount of time. MasterChef controls use an intuitive guide to giving you perfect results no matter the dish you’re making, in just a few keystrokes.

Cook chef inspired cuisine in the comfort of your own home

Miele Steam Oven Open

Premium Results
Miele’s steam oven offers genuine flavor, color and consistency, no matter your menu choice.Flavor transfer is eliminated through protective layers of steam so your salmon tastes like salmon and your cookies stay sweet and delicious. The result? Excellent food quality with flawless taste.

Create a complete meal from appetizers to dessert

Complete Meal

Fast Food Redefined

The interior look of the steam oven may be deceiving, but with four shelves to place various shaped trays, it’s easy to create a whole meal – from appetizers to dessert – for up to 10 people in a matter of just 30 minutes… or less.

Discover the health benefits of cooking with steam


Refreshed Healthy Cooking

Miele’s steam oven not only helps your food stay true to it’s intended taste, color and consistency,but it also keeps as many nutrients in as possible.With no added fats necessary – such as butter or oils – you’ll feel good about the meals you create to keep your family eating and feeling better.

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The forgotten appliance – the vent hood.

Kitchen Appliances – Selecting the right vent hood.

Of all the appliances in the kitchen, customers normally give the least thought and planning to the vent hood. This is unfortunate. It's important to get the right venting to effectively exhaust odors and fumes, and keep the kitchen safe and functioning properly.

  • Cooking creates airborne particulates that need to be removed from the kitchen, otherwise they will redeposit on walls and drapes. There is a reason that the kitchen is the most often painted room in a house.
  • In addition to the airborne particulates, cooking odors and steam must be removed so that they do not linger and become offensive to residents and guests.
  • Finally, it's important to remember that cooking with gas converts oxygen into carbon dioxide which must be removed from the room.

Now that we've clarified the importance of removing foul air from the kitchen, we need to think about the need to replace that air. Every cubic foot of air that leaves the kitchen needs to be replaced with a cubic foot of air from someplace else. Homes today are tightly built, like a sealed box. Installing a high velocity vent fan may require a makeup air system. In other words, air from the outside will need to be drawn in to replace the air that his been exhausted. Depending on codes in your locale and state, this may be mandated by law.

Next up. We'll cover some of the criteria and parameters for good ventilation. Then we'll provide some recommendations for vent hoods that are right for your needs. Check back for blogs 2 and 3 on The forgotten appliance – the vent hood.

Healthy U TV Show Launches in Phoenix & Tucson February 5th at 2PM on Cox7

Healthy U TV Show, coined Arizona’s “Healthiest TV Series,” is raising the bar and fighting childhood obesity both in the classroom and over the airwaves!
Healthy U TV Show highlights the best in health, fitness, and more. “We are thrilled to be working with the Healthy U family to bring you health, beauty, and fitness information that’s easy to understand and to incorporate into your lifestyle…because Healthy U cares about U!” shares Mary Heitmeyer, Owner & Co Host of Healthy U TV Show. Produced by SWS Productions and Volumedia, this upbeat weekly Television series is being featured in Green Living Magazine and promoted in the Valley on HGTV, Oprah Winfrey Network, TLC, Discovery Kids and the Cooking Channel!
Jason Christopher – who also owns and Co-Hosts Healthy U TV Show says, “We are excited to be working alongside all the great sponsors that share in the same vision…to help Arizonans get healthy!”
Teamed with Jyl Steinback, America’s Healthiest Mom – Healthy U TV and its panel of sponsors are proud to announce a percentage of all sponsorships raised to launch the program are going right back into Arizona Schools through Shape Up US! This perfect pairing between the show and Shape Up US was spearheaded by Dr. Karen Jacobson of Jacobson Family Chiropractic who serves as Healthy U’s Chiropractic & Wellness advisor.

WHAT: Healthy U TV Show

WHEN: Saturdays at 2:00PM Starting Saturday February 5th 2011 WHERE: Cox7-AZ, Green Living Magazine, HGTV, OWN, TLC, Discovery Kids and The Cooking Channel HOSTS: Jason Christopher & Mary Heitmeyer

SHOW SPONSORS: Arizona Wholesale Supply, Jacobson Family Chiropractic, Saladmaster, Kangen Water, American Breast Cancer Specialists, Viking, Slim & Fit, Dr. Tondora, Elements Therapeutic Massage, Hero’s Sports Pub & Restaurant, “O” Organics, Pure Nature, Eating Right, Safeway, Chef DuJour, Trevor Dayley Photography, Get Image Ready, Desert Pain Institute, SWS Productions, LLC, Carat Soup and Studio World Photography, Volumedia, Kathy Burgot and Cosmetics 29

About Jason Christopher – Local Radio Personality on 102.5 KNIX, 95.5 KYOT and 99.9 KEZ – Co-owner of Muscleman Music & More DJ/Event Planning Company. Jason grew up like many hearing… “You can’t leave this table until you clean your plate”. By the age of 8, Jason’s weight was out of control and he became the poster child for bullies in school until Jason was finally introduced to weightlifting …2 decades later Jason had a weekly “Health-Nut” segment on Jan D’Atri’s “Heart and Home” TV show where he was able to bring different elements of health to the viewing audience including fitness and diet but in a fun, easy to understand format. Jason believes you’re never too young to learn about fitness and never too old to start training!

About Mary Heitmeyer –
Owner Chef Du Jour Mary’s main focus is to provide personalized menus based specifically on optimum health for her clients. Not a clothing size or a number on the scale – optimum health! Mary’s healthy menus landed her guest appearances on Fox Arizona, Jan D’Atri’s Heart & Home TV Show, Sonoran Living, KTAR, KYOT, Phoenix Business Journal & Luxury Edition, UP Close, Scottsdale & Mesa Tribune, Phoenix Memorial Hospital Press, Yahoo News!, East Mesa Independent, Media Tracks Viewpoints, Arizona Foothills Magazine, Scottsdale Magazine and Phoenix Dining Guide!
Now with Healthy U Mary will share easy healthy delicious menus that can be integrated into even the busiest lifestyles. In all, she wants to share her passion and knowledge in a fun learning environment with healthy cooking segments to featured monthly in Green Living Magazine and future episodes of Healthy U TV show!
About Shape Up US – The Solution for Childhood Obesity Shape Up US is committed to improving American families’ health, fitness and overall well-being.
Their mission: “Building a brighter future for children, families and communities” by creating a circle of wellness that works; and promoting health and wellness and thereby preventing chronic diseases.
Shape Up US promotes healthy living for families and communities through 4 comprehensive wellness education programs: The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for ChildrenTM A K-6th Grade Program, CHOICE – Nutrition, Exercise and a Winning Attitude A Middle and Secondary Program, Positive Psychology Training An Adult Program, and Shape Up US Wellness Expos For the Community
Shape Up US is a partner with the President’s Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Program. The goal of the partnership is to provide Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children TM, a comprehensive wellness program, for K-6th grade students.
“Shape Up US is so excited to partner with Healthy U TV because we both have the same core beliefs. Healthy U TV makes it simple, fun and they are committed to improving the health, fitness and overall well-being of Arizona’s families.” Jyl Steinback, Executive Director of Shape Up US.
For more information on Shape Up US, contact Jyl Steinback, Executive Director of Shape Up US
For more information on Healthy U TV Show, contact Jason or Mary, Co-Hosts 800.801.3755